10 Mistakes to Avoid when Furnishing your home in Spain

by Mad About Furniture |1 July 2010 | Blog

Some tips to help you maximise the potential of your home in Spain and save you from some costly mistakes

1. Shop Locally – It is a false economy to think that you will save money if you buy in the U.K. and ship everything over. The transport will be expensive and items could get damaged in transit. Upon delivery someone has to accept the delivery and set everything out, it’s a bigger job than you may think.  Things that you think look great in the U.K. suddenly look dreadful in a sunny environment. Also consider excess baggage fees from airlines

2. Small is beautiful – The UK is dominated by retail giants, here its a different story, small retailers like us at Mad About Furniture are offering great furniture perfect for Spanish properties at great prices combined with great service and quick delivery.

3. Get some Advice, Its Free – You don’t have to pay thousands of pounds for advice from an interior designer, we offer a free design and measure service where we can visit your home, offer some advice and help you put together a look that is specific to you and your requirements

4. Think Practicality – If you are renting out your property think like a potential tenant.  People expect well furnished and nicely presented properties but you don’t have to spend the earth.  Leather sofas are best for sun cream and stains and will last you much longer.  Bedding needs to be practical and good quality. Glass tables are great because they don’t mark easily. Maybe aluminium furniture would suit better as you don’t need cushions.

5. Get the Terrace right – Its all about outside living.  Think about how you will use the terrace.  If you are limited for space,  is dining, sunbathing or lounging more important to you.  If you have a large roof terrace, how will you use this? Do you want to drag cushions, food and drink up and down all day.

6. Curtains – If you get the curtains wrong it can be an expensive mistake.  If you have shutters then Voiles will do the job and suit Spanish homes well. They are also much cheaper than lined curtains and work well with keeping the sun out of the room on hot days.

7. Get your direct debits arranged – Banks are very different in Spain and charge for every transaction. If you miss a payment for utilities and community fees etc you will be fined and fees can mount up.

8. Look after your investment – Management companies do a valuable job of looking after your property, when you are a thousand miles away it’s important to have someone checking the property regularly.  Consider who is going to manage your rentals and sort the laundry?  Winters can be severe here and a flood or damage can cause lots of uninsured problems. www.Passion4property.net do a great job of managing and renting your property.

9. Transfer your euros via a Money broker or use your Credit Card – Sending money from your UK Bank to your new Spanish Bank can sometimes take many days, even weeks and the rate can be poor.  By using a Money broker like Moneycorp or Travellex you will get the best exchange rate and the money will be in Spain in 3 days.  When shopping use your Credit Card for Purchases but tell your Bank in advance you are about to do some serious shopping in Spain or they could block your card for your own security.  At Mad About Furniture all major Credit Cards are accepted.

10. Getting it right – First time! We always have clients coming to us saying they wished they knew us 5 years ago!  Buying a cheap package – to get you going – is always tempting but in 3 -5 years it becomes a false economy as things deteriorate quickly.  These days it doesn’t have to cost much more to get it right FIRST time.  Mad About Furniture take pride in offering products to suit your exact needs – be it for long lasting furniture for rentals or just a top quality Italian Leather Sofa for your use only – As usual, you do get what you pay for – Get it right FIRST time with Mad About Furniture.

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