2021 Interior Design Trends

by Mad About Furniture |3 January 2021 | Blog

There was a lot of time at home in 2020 which, if you’re anything like us, has given you plenty of opportunity to finely critique every room in your home a few times over. So if with the dawning of 2021 you feel the urge to make some changes to one or more rooms in your Costa del Sol home, we are here to help with some of the biggest interior design trends we have seen or predict in the new year.

  1. Comfortable Chic: Gone are the days of cold, clinical home design. If it’s one thing that 2020 taught us, it’s the importance of emphasizing comfortable living and one of the biggest design trends follows suit by focusing on beautiful but comfortable character pieces that give your home a cozy, well-loved look and feel. Think shabby chic, country cottage, and French country styles with plenty of reclaimed wood, exposed beams, vintage accessories, and pastel colours for a relaxed feel (but don’t forget that a few modern furniture pieces mixed in don’t go amiss for this style, either!)

  1. DIY: Handmade items, many carefully crafted during home confinement, are a big yes for home interior design this year. Not only does showcasing your hand-crafted decorations give you a sense of pride and accomplishment every time you see them at home (and who doesn’t want that emotional boost on a regular basis?), they also help to remind you of just how much you endured during an unparalleled time in history, and that’s definitely a feat that should be recognized! No matter what they happen to be, give them pride of place in your home to showcase your personality.

  1. World Traveller: Global restrictions meant less travel in 2020, leaving many longing for distant shores, so this year remind yourself of all your favourite destinations with international-themed interior design pieces. Whether it’s pieces that you have acquired during previous travels or new items inspired by far distant lands that you hope to build on with new travels in 2021, let yourself be surrounded by your favourite cultures at home. Consider a white furniture package that you can accessorize with exciting global pieces for a layered look that makes your home feel distinctly cultured.

  1. Calming Colours: Trending colours this year include soft blues, greys, browns, greens, and neutrals that make us feel calm and comfortable at home, important for a fresh start to the new year. Like many design styles, white sofas, white chairs, white tables, and other white furniture is a great way to begin this design, coupled with earthy-coloured accessories that evoke peace and tranquility.

  1. Timeless Traditional: Family homes in particular are opting for a classic interior design look, which focuses on clean, symmetric, historic, and comfortable pieces in eclectic styles, which brings an innate sense of order and harmony to your home in a fast-paced and chaotic world outside. Rustic furniture and plush accessories in a range of textures capture this style perfectly.

  1. Bring the Outdoors In: After an extended time indoors in 2020, blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor living will be an important part of homes this coming year. Sheer blinds, open plan living, an abundance of houseplants, and outdoor living rooms, dining rooms, and kitchens are all ideal ways to break through your home’s walls and make it feel open, spacious, clean, and comfortable.


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