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by Paul Lopez |14 February 2023 | Blog

The early days of the pandemic saw us working haphazardly from our dining tables or anywhere we could fit the laptop, but three years on, a permanent, organised and comfortable home office space is of the utmost important to many of us when designing our homes.

When you consider that we spend so much of our day at work, it’s so important to get the balance between comfort and function just right, without having to compromise on style. Here at Mad About Furniture in Estepona, we’ve got all the office furniture you need to create a stunning home office on the Costa del Sol. If home is where your office is, make the most of it with Mad About Furniture!

Office Desks

To choose the right office desk for your home office, you’ll first need to think about the space in which it will be placed. Do you have a dedicated office of your own? If so, you could go for a classic executive desk, a stand-up desk with adjustable height, or perhaps a spacious corner desk to maximise your comfort. If your office is based within a shared space in the home, you could go for something style-led that compliments the design of an existing room, such as a streamlined writing desk or minimalist computer desk.

Once you’ve chosen the right desk for your home office, the options for designs are limitless! Choose from solid wood desks, glass desks and metal desks in a variety of colours, styles and finishes to create the space that you desire.

Office Chairs

Office chairs are notoriously difficult to get right, particularly in a home office environment. You want comfort, but you also want something that looks great, especially if your home office is within a communal space in the home. Traditional office chairs are bulky and stick out like a sore thumb in many office spaces, making the room look much darker than it is.

Our selection of office chairs won’t leave you sacrificing style over comfort. You can choose from a range of adjustable ergonomic chairs, conference chairs, side chairs for guests, clients and staff, all in a range of colours, textures, sizes and more, so you’ll be sure to find the right one for you.

All of our office chairs are of the highest possible quality, made from solid wood, real leather and durable fabrics that will see you through the working day and beyond!


Lighting is one of the most underrated aspects of any home’s interior design, so it’s no different when it comes to your home-office. Lighting can change the look and feel of a room entirely, so don’t overlook it, especially when the lighting is integral to the way we work.

If you’re looking for a more subdued lighting effect, consider a feature floor lamp that complements your space and offers a softer light. Wooden tripod floor lamps are great for adding a warm and soft light to your space and are available in lots of different wood types and colours.

If a table lamp is more your thing, or if you want to save space, we have plenty of styles on offer to suit you, from ultra-contemporary LED lamps, to the simple yet classic table lamp.


Accessories are arguably the best part of designing a home! This is where we bring the home to life and let our personalities shine through. Statement mirrors, blinds and curtains, cushions, paintings and more, all help to bring your home office to life and enhance the look and feel of the space.

Accessories are also a great way to bring colours into your home without committing them to a large space like the walls. Use statement or subtle mirrors, loud or neutral cushions, or even wall art and other soft furnishings to add something special to your home office. Your home office isn’t just a space to work, so accessorising this space is still important to get the vibe and look that you want!

Design your perfect home office space with Mad About Furniture in Estepona

We’ve been setting-up and transforming our client’s homes on the Costa del Sol for 21 years, so it goes without saying that we’re the number one furniture shop for Estepona, Marbella and the entire Costa del Sol in Spain.

Our clients trust us with our quality furniture for the entire home, from living room furniture, dining room furniture, bedroom furniture, outdoor furniture and even a range of furniture packages for homes, holiday homes and more. Our free interior design service, as well as our free delivery and installation service makes Mad About Furniture your go-to store for everything furniture on the Costa del Sol!

Visit us at our showroom in Estepona, or give us a call or email to start transforming your home office today.

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