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by Mad About Furniture |15 July 2022 | Blog

Interior design isn’t just about furniture! Take your home to the next level of style and comfort with beautiful soft furnishings, striking wallpaper, and coordinated accessories and watch your interior design style come to life!

Soft Furnishings

When it comes to interior design, anything that involves textiles or fabrics is considered a soft furnishing – think curtains, cushions, rugs, blankets and throws, table linens, bedclothes, even the upholstery on your chairs and sofa…there’s plenty of elements in the soft furnishings category to play around with (which means plenty of ways to create the perfect interior design for every room of your home)!

The trick to effectively using soft furnishings in your home, apartment, or villa’s interior design is find a collection of colours, textures, and patterns that work well together and to your overall design style, then layer them throughout the room to create depth, warmth, and comfort. Here on the Costa del Sol, cooler, thinner, lighter fabrics help create that calm, breezy, open feel of our beachside lifestyle but you’re also free to go big and bold for a dramatic and powerful statement that sets you apart from the crowd -or anything in between! The beauty of soft furnishings is that every single combination of them is perfectly bespoke to you and you alike. Not only that, soft furnishings are one of the easiest elements of your interior design to change so you can easily swap out these essential design elements every year, every season, or whenever the mood strikes you!


Often easier than painting and spot-on in terms of trend-setting home styling, including wallpaper in your interior design is a fantastic way to set the tone of an entire room. Wallpaper is also the perfect starting point to your interior design planning if you’re not sure where to start: browse through limitless options until you find the design you’re most drawn to, then simply use that as the base for all your other furniture, soft furnishings, and accessories! Just remember that you don’t necessarily need wallpaper in every room of your home and rooms that do include wallpaper don’t necessarily need that wallpaper to be matching, so work with a wallpaper expert or speak with a professional interior designer to find coordinating wallpaper designs that will bring the look and feel of your entire home together.

(P.S. If the thought of installing wallpaper turns you away from the idea of including it in your home, talk to the experts at Mad About Furniture first. Not only do they have professional interior designers on-staff that offer free consultations to all customers to help you choose your wallpaper, they’ll also accurately measure the walls before installation so you don’t have to guess the size or buy more wallpaper than necessary AND they can expertly install it so you don’t have to lift a finger throughout the whole process!)


Like sprinkles on a cupcake, accessories are all those little elements of style that come together to create an overall presence to a room or home. They can be purely decorative like wall art; statues or figurines; or flowers or other natural elements like rocks, wood, or stone; or they can be decorative as well as functional like mirrors, lamps, vases, and clocks. And in some cases, soft furnishings, like rugs, cushions, and curtains, are also considered accessories, too.

Using accessories in the interior design of your home is an important part of the overall look and feel and can really help pull all design elements together for a cohesive look that lets your personality shine. Just like those aforementioned sprinkles on a cupcake, though, keep in mind that accessories, especially the non-functional ones, should be the last aspect considered in your interior design planning.

Accessories are highly personal and very powerful when telling your story through your home’s interior design, so use them abundantly, especially if they have a deep meaning or you have sentimental attachment to you. Even large or eclectic collections of accessories have a place in the right interior design, so if you love them, don’t be afraid to let them take centre stage!

Here to Help

At Mad About Furniture, we’re always here to help with any and all aspects of your interior design, whether you’re just starting out and need some help, advice, or mood board to build upon, know exactly what you’re looking for and simply need assistance in sourcing it, or literally anywhere in between! We pride ourselves on making furnishing and styling your home as easy and stress-free as possible so you can enjoy our beautiful Costa del Sol to its absolute fullest. Please feel free to get in touch with our furniture and interior design experts anytime.

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