Celebrate Spring

by Mad About Furniture |25 April 2022 | Blog

Does it get better than springtime on the Costa del Sol? We think not! So let’s celebrate spring in Marbella, Estepona, and all along this beautiful Spanish coast with a springtime interior design that brings the outdoors in!

Trending Indoor-Outdoor Interior Design Elements

One of the greatest things about living on the Costa del Sol is the opportunity it gives us to live outdoors all year long, most especially during the spring and summer months. Glorious sunshine, cool coastal and mountain breezes, and a holiday-like nightlife full of fun and relaxation with family and friends make home entertaining a real joy and outdoor living a everyday part of life. What better way to enjoy it all to the fullest than with an interior design that embraces the outdoors inside your home?

Furniture made from natural materials such as wood, wicker, and stone are a great place to start when celebrating spring with your interior design. They’re not only the safest and most sustainable furniture option for your apartment, town house, or villa, they’re also neutral enough to accommodate any colour scheme you prefer and intrinsically set a clean and comfortable yet luxurious feel to any space.

  • This rustic wood floor lamp is a real talking point in any home and is a perfect way to add warm light to your outdoor living inspired home.
  • This coordinated dining set offers a relaxed, natural feel to your meals indoors, easily imitating the well-loved al fresco dining style of the Costa del Sol.

Adding plants to your interior design is a fantastic way to make it a welcoming space that celebrates the outdoors inside. Be it fresh or artificial flowers and plants in vases and pots, floral print wallpaper or soft furnishings, or even landscape or nature-inspired wall art, the use of plants in your interior design has been shown to reduce anxiety, improve sleep, and even increase productivity. And when done correctly, it’s near impossible to use too many plants, florals, and botanicals as a focal point to your interior design.

  • Bold, modern, and beautiful, this wall art can take your floral styles to another level of sophistication.
  • Curtains like these can add a splash of colour and unmistakable botanical feel to any room.

Nature exudes the colour green, so if you want a more simplistic outdoor living feel to your interior design, choosing a green palette is an easy option. Practically any shade of green can be used throughout your home and is easily extended into your outdoor furniture as well, making a seamless indoor-outdoor living style. What’s more, green evokes feelings of peace, harmony, security and elegance -perfect for a modern Marbella home.

  • A beautifully-patterned, green sofa like this one sets a stunningly luxurious tone for the entire living room.
  • Combining natural materials and a soft green colour, these dining chairs are an ideal way to set your dining table for luxurious meals with a casual feel.
  • Green wallpaper can add subtle colour and beauty with understated pattern and texture. Try using it as a focus wall in your bedroom or even a bathroom for unmatched style.

Like plants, animals are an obvious interior design element that can bring the outdoors in. Forget animal print, though, and think serene by opting for bird imagery in your wallpaper, curtains, or cushions or even bird-inspired design elements such as soft feather-like furnishings. Insects, which we naturally associate with plants and gardens, are another ideal animal option for this interior design style. Or even fish, which can be used to create a feeling of calm and tranquillity, especially appropriate if you live near the beach or already have a beach-inspired interior design.

  • A hanging chair like this one, looks beautiful indoors or out and is not only an incredible place to curl up with a book and a cheeky glass of wine, it has a birdcage-like feel to it that goes perfectly with a nature-inspired interior design.
  • This side table is a striking way to make your interior pop with luxurious outdoor style!


The Perfect Interior Design Year-Round

You don’t have to worry about your springtime design running its course come winter, either. Even the coldest and darkest times of the year in Marbella, Estepona, and elsewhere on the Costa del Sol, outdoor living is still very much a lifestyle and thus very much an on-trend interior design style for your home. If you absolutely must have a new look to your home with the change of seasons, consider some adding a few extra cushions to your spaces in neutrally coordinating colours, a warm rug under your feet, and some seasonally-appropriate home decor items to tie it all in is often all you need, especially with such an non-dramatic change of seasons as we’re lucky to have on the Costa del Sol. And when in doubt, seek the advise of a professional interior designer who can offer insight into the best ways to easily transform your celebration of all things spring into a warm, relaxed winter retreat that keeps the summer sun lingering in your home all year.

At Mad About Furniture, we have several professional and experienced interior designers on site, ready to help you transform your home, no matter what design style you’re after. They’ll get to know you, your home, and your lifestyle then work within your budget to plan and execute an interior design you’ll love. We’ll create a mood board, help you choose your furniture and design pieces, deliver, and even set up everything, all completely free, anywhere on the Costa del Sol, so you can simply move in without stress and start enjoying the Marbella lifestyle right away.

Get in touch by calling us at +34 952 88 88 04, sending us an email to sales@madaboutfurniture.com, or popping into our expansive showroom, located in Nueva Atalaya between Estepona and Marbella for a look-around, cup of coffee or tea, and a chat.


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