Chilling Out(doors) on the Costa del Sol

by Mad About Furniture |12 August 2022 | Blog

Summer is wrapping up, but lucky you -you live on the Costa del Sol where outdoor living is a way of life all year long! If you’ve enjoyed a relaxed summer this year and want to keep it going well into the autumn (and beyond!), you absolutely can with quality outdoor furniture designed to encourage and enhance that slower pace of life at home. Here’s some of our current chill out furniture favourites:

With casual yet comfortable chairs, sleek design, and all-weather finish, this outdoor dining set is perfect for a relaxed meal at home. Even more outdoor dining sets including more designs and smaller outdoor dining tables and chairs like bistro sets, are also available from Mad About Furniture online or in-shop so you can comfortably enjoy a meal at home no matter then occasion

-from a casual breakfast at home yourself to family meals to full affairs with friends and neighbours.

Chill out by the pool with a quality lounger like this one made from durable, water-resistant materials so you can stretch out comfortably year after year. A side table for your sun lounger is always a great choice, too, to keep your sun cream and cocktail close at hand! At Mad About Furniture, we carry a full range of sunbeds and sun loungers for both homes and the hospitality industry so you can find your perfect fit no matter what you’re looking for!

Spain is well-known for its affinity for the afternoon siesta, so why not take full advantage with an outdoor day bed? Full-sized so you can chill out with a much-needed rest from the Costa del Sol heat, a stylish day bed like this one is an ideal addition to your Spanish villa’s exterior design!

Whether chilling out at home yourself or entertaining guests, an outdoor sofa or sofa set can come in any number of sizes, styles, and configurations to coordinate perfectly with your interior design or create an entirely new look and feel to your terrace or garden. We particularly love the look of this one, which perfectly imitates one of the most popular design trends this year, but don’t let us influence your decision! Browse an extensive collection of outdoor sofas on Mad About Furniture’s website or pop into our showroom in Nueva Atalaya, Estepona to shop for your favourite outdoor sofa set to match your needs and your personality!

Spain was definitely made for outdoor living -why not take full advantage of it with incredible outdoor furniture perfect for chilling out at home, wherever on the Costa del Sol that happens to be! At Mad About Furniture, we offer free interior design advice from professional interior designers and free delivery anywhere on the Costa del Sol, too, so you can really relax and enjoy a stress-free outdoor living experience even before your outdoor furniture arrives!

Contact us online, give us a call, or pop into our showroom to find your perfect outdoor (and indoor!) chill out furniture!

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