Coffee Tables Aren’t Just For Coffee

by Mad About Furniture |1 March 2022 | Blog

The professional interior designers at Mad About Furniture have asked us to set the record straight: coffee tables are not just for coffee. In fact, they can and should, be used for a number of home needs: lounging, working, socialising, playing, eating, and yes, of course, drinking coffee too.


Traditionally, coffee tables were placed in front of the sofa in the living room so food, drinks, books, TV remote, etc are all within reach while lounging on the couch. And while you should most definitely have easy access to all of those things while relaxing at home, you’re most definitely not limited to a coffee table to do it. Consider side tables, ottomans, tray tables, even garden stools which can all be used in their place when done right. If you’re limited on space, consider a long thin table to go behind the sofa instead of in front of it, stackable side tables that double as extra table space when guests are over, or look for a traditional coffee table with built-in storage space for those odds and ends that need to be tucked away when not in use.


Coffee tables can be a great addition to your home office. While too low to be used as a working desk, if you have the room for a chair in your office for when you need a mental break, you should make sure you also have room for a small coffee table, too. And if you’ll be hosting business guests at home, a semi-formal seating area including a coffee table is an absolute must. When shopping for the perfect coffee table for your home office, make sure you find something that suits your office decor, but look for something on the smaller side, since it will be used exclusively for work. For optimal comfort and functionality, you’ll also want to find a coffee table that’s slightly higher than your office sofa or chairs so that it’s a comfortable place to set your coffee or tea for casual meetings while still being functional enough to do the occasional work too, like the reading or signing of documents.


If you love hosting guests at home, you know you need plenty of tabletop space. A large or extendable coffee table is a great option for you, as are stackable side tables (or a stackable coffee table) that can be brought out as needed. And don’t forget about outdoor living (an important part of Costa del Sol life!) with an outdoor coffee table and outdoor side tables too, so you can entertain on the terrace, patio or garden, and consider speaking to an interior design professional before making any outdoor table choices so that you can find a coffee table option that can be used both indoors and out, giving you the option of having stylish coffee table space no matter where your guests will be. If you love entertaining at home, lightweight coffee tables or coffee tables with wheels make it easy to move them around as needed and are a great table choice for socializing.


Coffee tables are a great place to play. If you have kids, your coffee table will most likely become, at some point or another, a makeshift desk (even if they also have a dedicated desk area) for homework, arts and crafts, and tabletop games and toys space. If you’re envisioning this right now, make sure you choose a kid-friendly coffee table. Avoid glass ones which can break easily and will show all those sticky fingerprints kids are well-known for. Consider instead a solid wood coffee table for its sturdiness or high gloss coffee table for an easy wipe clean surface. A round coffee table without sharp edges or upholstered coffee table are also safe choices if kids (or pets!) will be playing around it.

Remember though, play time isn’t just for kids! If there’s no children in your home but you still enjoy doing a puzzle, some art, or DIY home decor yourself, you have more flexibility when making your coffee table selection, but will likely want to make sure it has a flat surface and enough space to spread out so that it’s a comfortable place to play.

Eating & Drinking

Morning coffee, afternoon cuppas, or a bite to eat while watching TV in the evening all call for a coffee table. A stain-resistant surface is always a good choice if you find yourself regularly using your coffee table as a eating or drinking space, so a metal coffee table might be a good option if your decor allows for it. A marble coffee table is also a great choice and can blend well with almost any interior design style; or for a real indoor-outdoor living feel, opt for a stone coffee table paired with plenty of soft furnishings elsewhere to balance it out. And remember, no matter what coffee table you choose for your apartment, home or villa, keep in mind that, for ideal comfort, a coffee table used for eating or drinking in the living room should be 3-5cm lower than your sofa.

Professional Interior Design Advice is Free at Mad About Furniture

There are so many choices when it comes to coffee tables, centre tables and side tables, which one (or ones) you choose for your home decor are only limited by your imagination! If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the choices though, we completely understand! Get in touch with Mad About Furniture and our in-house interior designers will use their training and expertise to help you find the perfect coffee table for you, completely free of charge. In fact, we want to make furnishing your home on the Costa del Sol as easy and stress-free as possible, so if you prefer, we can help you find

and furnish everything you need for your home, all perfectly and professionally coordinated too. We can help source a must-have but hard-to-find piece you’re looking for or work with our furniture designers and furniture makers to provide bespoke coffee tables or other home furnishings or decor for your home. Not only that, our friendly teams will deliver and set up all your furniture absolutely anywhere on the Costa del Sol at no extra cost. We work hard at being your one stop furniture shop so you can simply enjoy moving to and living on our beautiful Costa del Sol.

Call Mad About Furniture for a free interior design consultation or pop into our furniture shop located between Estepona and Marbella for a browse-around of our coffee tables and other indoor and outdoor furniture. We’ll even provide the coffee, so you can sit and relax on our sofas while trying out as many coffee tables as you like!

We can’t wait to see you!

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