Creating ‘Zones’ In Your Home

A big trend in the interior world at the moment is ‘zoning’. This is where we separate areas of a room according to their functions. This has become a necessary part of the development stages due to the architectural movement of open plan living and dual use rooms.

The modern day home has a variety of needs that have to be met in order to suit all members of the household. A simple way to achieve this is to create individual zones within a space that will fulfill these. It also allows us to create multiple atmospheres with in a room, which in turn gives a lot of interest and layers to a design.

There are several simple ways to create zones in a space:

The first and easiest way to achieve a zone separation is to use furniture. Today, you often have a lounge and a dinning area in the same room, and by arranging the pieces in certain ways you will find it becomes two very different spaces. Some people like to place a console, sideboard or bookcase between the two as an extra barrier. It creates the illusions of a low wall division.

Another easy way to isolate areas is to use a floor change. This can be chosen through practicality, if you have an open plan kitchen and living room you may wish to use a tile or marble in the kitchen section and then change to a carpet or wood floor for the living area. The change in the flooring automatically informs someone that the room has more than one function. You can create the same affect in a cheaper way by just laying different rugs down underneath the furniture. These could vary in colour, texture and size.

Lighting is also a great way to change atmospheres in a space. For example, a kitchen needs more practical lighting for preparation and cooking where as a living space would be more relaxed dimmed lighting. It is helpful that you are able to turn lights off as this enables you to make an entire zone disappear, giving you the choice of the spaces being used at one time.

The options go on and on, the best way in which to find out all the available options is to come in and chat to us at Mad About Furniture. We will sit down with you and show you all the most practical yet atmospheric ways in which to design your home.


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