Ditch the Stress of Moving Abroad with a Furniture Pack!

by Mad About Furniture |2 September 2021 | Blog, Furniture Packages

Nearly everyone that moves house can agree on two things: One, the worst part about moving out of your old house is packing up all your belongings; and two, the worst part of moving into your new house is…no, it’s not unpacking all those belongings you lovingly (or maybe not so lovingly) tucked away into boxes and brought with you! Oh, no. The worst part about moving into a new house is decorating. There’s something so overwhelmingly daunting about the idea of a collection of empty rooms just waiting for your touch to transform them from a house into a home. From four walls and a ceiling to a space that meets the practical needs of you and your family while showcasing all the unique personalities of everyone who lives there. It’s no easy task, we know, especially when moving to another country (no matter how beautiful that country is!). And that’s why at Mad About Furniture, we proudly offer the best selection of furniture packs anywhere on the Costa del Sol.

Investing in a furniture pack from Mad About Furniture is investing in quality, durable, dependable furniture for every room of your home without the usual hassle and stress that often accompanies a big move, like one overseas. It gives you the solid foundation you need to confidently move into your new home, apartment, or villa in Marbella, Estepona, or anywhere on the Costa del Sol or beyond, knowing you and your family’s immediate needs for core pieces of furniture like beds, tables, chairs, lamps, sofa, rugs, even mirrors will be met, so you can focus your energy on moving into not just the house that it is, but the home you want it to be. In short, a furniture pack is an efficient yet stylish way to eliminate that initial stress of walking into your new, empty home and not knowing where to start.

At Mad About Furniture, we proudly carry a large range of furniture packs to meet any one’s or any home’s needs. Whether your home here is a small vacation rental or a large villa for year-round living (or anything in between!), whether you’re looking for a sleek modern look and feel, a more relaxed beachside style, authentic Spanish flavour, or something else entirely, when it comes to your interior design, and no matter where on the scale your budget falls, our furniture packs have been carefully designed by our expert interior design teams to coordinate perfectly with any and all tastes, lifestyles, and budgets. Every single one of our furniture packs are completely customizable too, so you can always rest assured that not only are you investing in quality furniture that looks beautiful and is built to last, you’re getting the exact furniture pieces your home needs to make it move-in ready from day one.

For those who want to start their move to Spain with the furniture they need but a completely clean slate to decorate and personalize to your heart’s content, our white furniture package, Linda, is for you. It’s white, high gloss furniture pieces are perfect for minimalist interior design styling that let’s you build up colour and texture to your exact preferences in every room of the house.

Or, if your new home is perfect for beach chic, then our New England furniture pack is a great place to start when furnishing your new home. It features classic grey washed wood beds, chaise sofa, TV unit, dining table, dining chairs, sideboard, mirror, beds, nightstands, headboards, and even terrace furniture plus all the coordinated accessories you need to get your beachside home perfect for indoor-outdoor Costa del Sol living

If your take on your ideal home in Estepona, Marbella, or elsewhere is a sleek modern design, our Silver furniture package might just be the perfect fit: it has all the essential solid wood furniture pieces your home needs to be move-in ready with glass and chrome finishes that invite you to add your favourite modern decor pieces to completely customize the look and feel of your interior design.

A generous touch of luxury with plenty of room for personality is how we describe our Gold furniture package. If you’re looking to quickly furnish your first or second home here on the Costa del Sol but want to stay firmly involved in the decision-making process for all the finer details that showcase your and your family’s unique personality, speak to us about this expertly-coordinated yet ultra-bespoke furniture pack to make the initial decision-making process easier than ever.

Finally, if luxury is what you’re after, our Havanna furniture package is probably for you. Drawing inspiration from some of the best and most stylish furniture pieces our high-end customers love, our professional interior designers have created this furniture pack that expertly balances individuality between every room while still keeping a stunningly cohesive look throughout the whole house, no matter its shape or size.

And if your new home is an investment that will be rented out to others either short or long-term, take a look at our Bronze furniture package. Solid, sturdy, long-lasting furniture that’s stylish enough to attract the highest paying tenants, yet neutral enough to appeal to a wide range of personal styles, tastes, and lifestyles, the furniture included in this package has been carefully chosen to offer you a great return on investment.

Remember, too, that no matter what furniture package comes closest to what you’re looking for, we know that no two people, no two homes, and no two budgets are alike, so all our furniture packages are completely customizable, right down to the last detail. Get in touch with us and, from start to finish, our sales staff and in-house interior designers will help you select any and all of the indoor and outdoor furniture, home decor, and home accessories that you need to make to make your move to the Costa del Sol easy and stress-free.

Our interior design consultations are 100% free and 100% obligation-free to all our customers, so there’s no reason not to give us a call, send us a message, or pop into our showroom in Estepona for a chat today!

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