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by Mad About Furniture |28 October 2021 | Blog

Summer in Marbella is an experience like no other, but Autumn is just as incredible, if you ask us. Bright blue skies and warm sunny days mean we can still live the alfresco lifestyle, but as the nights close in and are a bit cooler, we have the perfect excuse to snuggle up at home, surrounded by family, friends, and the things we love. In fact, we’d go so far as to say that embracing an interior design change this Autumn is the perfect way to appreciate the change of season. Not only can you have a show home worthy space to live, work and play during the day, but a comfortable, relaxed and beautiful place to spend the longer winter nights to come.

Autumn Interior Design Trends

As the days become shorter, the look and feel of our homes changes too. Here on the Costa del Sol, Autumn means rolling sea fog in the mornings before the sun breaks through, roasted chestnuts while meandering through old town cobblestoned streets, sipping a cup of tea (or maybe a hot toddy?) while watching an early sunset, hosting dinner parties at home, and a cheeky nightcap or two curled up on your sofa in front of the fire. In short, if Summer in Marbella is defined as the wild, sun-soaked thrill that it is, Autumn is a deep breath of relaxation before the hustle and bustle of the holidays brings us back into the thick of excitement once again.

With that in mind, Autumn interior design trends are all about luxurious relaxation at home, so if you’re looking to design (or redesign) your home this aAtumn, you’ll want to find furniture and home decor that instantly gives you a sense of calm and well-being. And although there are (as always) some exceptions to the rules, a great way to achieve this is through natural materials, neutral colours and simplistic design.

Return to Nature with Natural Materials

Indoor furniture featuring natural materials like jute and rattan are a great way to bring the outdoors in this Autumn, so you can enjoy both the Costa del Sol sunshine and the cosiness of home. Wood furniture, especially when paired with soft textile accents are also a comfortable and stylish way to decorate your home. Feel free to over-emphasize layers too, as these can really help make your home look and feel extra comfortable -just the luxuriously cosy atmosphere you body needs in Autumn. Accomplish this with plenty of throws, cushions, curtains and rugs in a range of textures, simple patterns and natural materials you love.

Encourage Sentimentality with Handcrafted Pieces

When shopping for furniture and home decor this Autumn, allow yourself to look inward and embrace emotion. Handmade furniture pieces like your sofa, dining table, lighting, desk and bed will benefit greatly this Autumn as their uniqueness is not only the epitome of luxury, their craftsmanship can help evoke a warm sentimental glow from the inside out in both you and your apartment, house or villa.

Promote Serenity with a Neutral Colour Scheme

Furniture and home décor, especially living room furniture and bedroom furniture, in creams, beiges and off-whites can add a real warmth to the room, especially when paired with a few pieces of furniture in soft shades of nature-inspired colours like blues, greens and browns. And while white furniture can feel a bit cold in the Autumn and Winter, if you already have an interior design that utilizes a white furniture pack, adding in some grey accents in addition to your warmer winter shades can soften it up dramatically and give you the cosy atmosphere you’re after.

Embrace Relaxation with Plush Furniture You Can Sink Into

More time at home in the Autumn is the perfect excuse to indulge in some ultra-plush furniture that makes you not want to leave home. An overstuffed sofa is a prime example of this, but not the only way you can achieve this oh-so-comfortable feeling at home! Consider an extra thick bedside rug to step onto first thing in the morning, a comfortable lounge chair and side table that can become a snuggly reading spot, or a fabric bed or headboard that invites lazy mornings in bed.

Free Interior Design Advice From Mad About Furniture

If you’re not sure the best way to implement a new interior design in your home this Autumn, come and speak with the professional interior designers at Mad About Furniture! Our in-house team includes professional interior designers that are happy to help create a show home look and feel to your apartment, town house or villa anywhere on the Costa del Sol, completely free! We also offer free measuring services, free delivery, even free set-up, so your home redesign this Autumn is completely stress-free!

We can’t wait to help you make your home the most beautiful, most comfortable, most inviting place to be this Autumn!

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