Furnishing your Property to Rent on the Costa del Sol

by Mad About Furniture |16 September 2020 | Blog

Whilst many buyers purchase properties on the Costa del Sol to live in on a permanent basis, or as a holiday home, there is a rise in buyers purchasing properties as an investment, so that they can secure an income through short-term or long-terms rentals. Whilst the former will look to furnish their property to their personal taste, when it comes to furnishing properties for rent, it’s a whole different ball game!

An investment property on the Costa del Sol can come with a lot of competition, and although the décor itself may not increase the property’s value, making it appealing with the right furnishings is your best chance of renting it quickly and reducing the amount of time it sits empty. Your goal is to furnish your investment property with comfortable, yet stylish pieces so that a wide range of potential renters can easily envision living there. This can be accomplished by keeping your furnishings relatively simple, modern, uncluttered, and to an aesthetic and budget based on the size of your property. A studio apartment, after all, requires a completely different set of furniture than a 6-bedroom villa to make it comfortable and appeal to top renters!

Getting your furnishings right from the very beginning makes it a lot easier to attract the best tenants, which in turn will save you time, expense, and frustration when dealing with them throughout their tenancy, including those notorious deposit refunds during check-out. It can feel overwhelming, especially to those new to the property investment circle, but in reality it can be quite simple, especially by taking advantage of professional services available to you. Here’s our advice on how to get the best return on your investment when it comes to furnishing your property to rent on the Costa del Sol.

How should your investment property be decorated?

For your investment home, keep it minimalistic and uncluttered so that tenants have the furnishings they need but also plenty of space to purchase and use their own furniture according to their personal style. The décor you provide should be in a neutral colour and style, too, one that matches across all the rooms in the house. Quality products attract quality tenants so keep your furnishings as high quality as your budget allows, but don’t worry about decorative pieces too much, as these can be quite personal and could deter some potential renters. Most tenants will have their own decorative or sentimental pieces they bring with them, anyway.

A great way to easily furnish your rental home, as well as ensure that all the pieces are well co-ordinated, is by purchasing a furniture pack. They come in a range of styles, but we recommend white furniture packs (for their neutral colour scheme) in a high gloss, acrylic paint finish (which is easier and faster to clean between tenants). Furnishing your investment home with a standard furniture pack also means that it is much easier to replace items in the future, should you need to. At Mad About Furniture, we carry a range of furniture packs to choose from, including white furniture packs, to meet any and all investment property’s needs. They include all the essential items your home will need to attract tenants quickly so you can start gaining income from your investment right away.


What furniture should be included in your investment property?

Standard furnishings such as beds, tables, chairs, sofas, and wardrobes are all common items that should be included in your rental property (and are included in our furniture packs). Here on the coast, you will also want to include outdoor furniture that’s appropriate to your home’s size, be it a small bistro table or complete outdoor furniture set with dining table chairs, sofa and coffee table, sun loungers and more.

Adding a few luxury elements like a chandelier, high-quality white goods or outdoor kitchen, if your property has the space for them, can add the wow factor that will get your investment home noticed and rented quickly, often at a premium price. If your budget doesn’t allow for the more extravagant extras, consider a collection of high-quality photo frames instead, so your tenant can personalize the space using their own photos. Having these extras already in a rental home makes it feel welcoming to potential tenants and will get your property rented faster, and to tenants who are more likely to take care of your home, improving your long-term investment.

Remember, too, that a shower curtain, plunger, cleaning supplies and a basic toolkit are all important furnishings in an investment property and should be included in your furnishings budget no matter what, as they will increase your return on investment by reducing future repair costs.

Mad About Furniture – Your One-Stop Furniture Shop In Estepona

Furnishing your investment home on the Costa del Sol doesn’t have to be stressful or expensive! Our furniture packs are an ideal way to quickly and easily furnish your home so that you can start renting right away. They are always completely customizable too, to match any home furnishing needs your home has, and with free delivery and free set-up, your investment property can start working for you immediately, and without you even being present!

Give our interior design team a call today to arrange a zoom or face to face consultation to discuss your investment property’s needs, budget, and anything and everything else you need to know about furnishing your investment home to get it rental ready in no time!



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