How Much Does A Furniture Package Cost in Spain?

by Mad About Furniture |26 September 2016 | Blog

Furniture Packs are a really useful tool to make the process of Furnishing your home quickly and easily in a one-stop-shop!

Price of furnishing a Spanish property

It also makes sense financially!

Instead of trawling around many different stores, trying to match styles and concepts – waiting for numerous deliveries – it makes better sense to work with one company who can put everything into a package, make everything look beautiful and give you one, fixed price!

A fixed price makes budgeting easier and with one point of contact you can keep track on the progress of your new home abroad.

Many companies offer this service and a Furniture Pack varies in description and price from Company to Company but here we will explain what Mad About Furniture offer in the price of a Full Home Package!


The Costs

We have put ‘Collections’, or ‘Packages’ in easy boxes which we typically call Gold, Silver and Bronze and the price of a collection is reflected by what’s included!

However, it’s just a Marketing Tool and each of our clients are individuals and given a made to measure quote based on their exact style and budget.

As with any 2 Bedroom apartment you can spend limitless amounts or furnish it very minimalistically so after more than 1400 houses it’s very rare for any two packages to be the same.

At Mad About Furniture we prefer to sit down with a Designer for a free consultation and agree on the style and budget and let us find the solution to get you where you need to be!

However, a Furniture Pack does open doors that you would normally have to pay for separately – Here are some tips!

Costs of furniture packages in Spain


When working with Mad About Furniture our Furniture packs come with a whole host of Free Extras. These complementary services are almost always included but are extra costs that you would normally incur when buying from lots of different places.

Free Design Service – We do not charge for our Design Service. We will assign you a Designer who will work with you to find a Package to your exact style and Budget but unlike many Interior Design Services this is a Complimentary Service.

Delivery – We will deliver your Furniture Free all across the Costa del Sol. There may be a small Delivery Charge for Long Distance Deliveries but if you are between Malaga and Gibraltar it’s on the house!

Free Installations – We will organize your extra services such as Air Conditioning with approved Partners who will offer you a great price and service. We will meet and give access to these suppliers and this is without any charges to you. We can offer White Goods and Electrical Installations and again, provide access to the companies as a free service.

Free lay Out Service – Once your Furniture is delivered our Designers will visit your property and lay out your home so it is ready for your arrival and you can begin your holiday!

This complimentary service includes unpacking all the Furniture, preparing the Kitchens and the Bedrooms and even making the Beds!

Shower Screens and Small Projects – We will help you with all the small jobs you need installed in a brand new apartment. This may well include Lighting, a Shower Screen, maybe a Floor Polishing Service. All these services are available as add-on’s to a Full Furniture Pack but as individual projects they are time consuming, expensive and a general headache!

We will even oversee small projects such as a new Kitchen or a new Bathroom but again, using approved partners and only with a Full Home Package!


Value Added Service

The Furniture Pack can have some really useful bolt on’s to make your purchase even more cost effective and easy!


Kitchen Packs

We can add a Pack that includes everything you need for your Kitchen.
It includes a Kettle and Toaster but can include a Microwave and even an Iron and Ironing Board!


Bedding Packs

Our exclusive Hotel Quality Bedding is a great choice and a great addition to your Furniture package.
We will supply Bedding for the number and style of Beds that you have bought along with a changeover pack if you require it!


Painting and Decoration

If you want a Feature Wall Painted or maybe some Wall Paper or if you want a whole apartment Painted we can help!
We use approved partners who will offer a competitive and high quality job and we can help with your colour schemes and we will manage everything for you without any charges.



Whether it is a deep post build clean or just a spruce up we have a team of cleaners to ensure your new home is sparkly clean when you arrive for your holiday! We will organize access and keys for the cleaning Team and we make no charges for our Full Home Package Clients.


The Cost of a Furniture Pack…

It’s as long as a piece of string!

What you can be sure of is some great savings, a great deal which respects your budget, a one-stop-shop with one person who will be dedicated to looking after you and of course – that WOW Factor for your new home!

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