How to Spring Clean Your Interior Design

by Mad About Furniture |27 January 2021 | Blog

Yes, it is still winter (sigh), but is it time to spring clean your interior design? New year, new look is definitely a thing and this year perhaps even more so as great interior design isn’t so much about the look of your home as it is the feel of it. And we could all use a little more feng shui in our lives right about now, right? No need to overhaul every detail of every room, though! Sometimes all it takes is a few details or a fresh new look in just one space in our home to give us that new breath of fresh air that we need in our lives. Not sure how to do it? We’ve put together some of our interior designers’ best ideas to inspire your own inner designer, but remember we’re always just a quick visit, phone (or Zoom!) call away too for bespoke interior design assistance that suits your style to a T.

Colour Me Inspired

One of the major advantages of the oh-so-popular white furniture packs that we see in many homes here in Estepona is that it’s also oh-so-easy to give yourself a brand new look and feel in your home with a simple update of accessories in a colour palette that suits your mood. We are personally loving soft blues and greys if you’re in search of a bit more tranquility in your life this year (great for a bedroom redesign!), sunny yellow to encourage a cheerful home full of extra energy (especially on point if you want to fall in love with cooking again after getting stuck in a monotonous rut with all the at-home cooking you’re doing these days!), and dark greens that exude natural elegance and sophistication, perfect for a home office that feels comfortable and powerful at the same time.

Fresh Faced

You can’t go wrong with fresh fruit or fresh flowers in your home. They both offer shape and colour that will brighten up any and every room in your home -and beautiful blooms are so easy to find in Estepona, aptly named the “Garden of the Costa del Sol”! Of course, you can take this literally and add a bowl of juicy fruits to your kitchen or living room or add fresh flowers or succulents to just about any space in your home (yes, fresh flowers in the bathroom is not only acceptable, it’s encouraged!). But if you’re feeling extra adventurous or looking for a bigger change in your home design this year, use fruit or flowers as your inspiration in other ways: consider tropical themed wallpaper, flower-patterned bed linen, or flowery curtains; or find some fruit-themed art to enhance the colour palette of your room.

Metal Makeover

If 2021 has a single interior design mantra it’s this: relax. Last year gave us enough anxiety and our homes are fighting back with interior design trends that promote wellness and relaxation. A fantastic way to combine our love of formality and need for comfort at home is to opt for those extra plush details like a oversized sofas, soft fabrics, and neutral tones but pair them with gold metallic furniture and accessories. Gold still exudes opulence and luxury while the soft shine offers a comfortable warmth that other metals can’t offer, a perfect win-win situation if you ask us. A few pieces go a long way here, too, so a quick swap to a side table, addition of a gold mirror, or some new gold-accented dining room chairs can be an easy way to change up your interior design this season.

Walled Wonders

Make your home feel like a whole new space without changing a single piece of furniture! Walls are a blank canvas just waiting to embrace a new style and can dramatically change a space for the better, so don’t be afraid to update them as part of your interior design spring clean. Add new life to a room by changing up the colour of your accent walls or replace colour all together with a bold, beautiful, patterned wallpaper that makes a real statement. Even textured wallpaper in neutral colours or patterns makes for a beautiful statement and sets an elegantly understated put-together feel to your home. New artwork is always a great way to refresh your design, too. Opt here for pieces that enhance your current style but take it a bit further or push it gently into a new direction, but be careful of going too bold or you may end up having a clash of styles between furniture and art. If you’re nervous of this outcome, stick with what you currently have but add in a few more similar pieces and rearrange them into a wall art installation complete with dedicated lighting to showcase what you love.

Bigger Does Not (Necessarily) Mean Better

The takeaway from all this is that your interior design doesn’t need to be dramatic to be stunning. When it comes to interior design, as long as it genuinely reflects you, you will never go wrong. We are all human, though, so it’s only natural that our emotions and emotional needs will change with time, so no matter how much you love (or loved) your home’s look, a quick refresh is often a great way to bring it back into alignment with our own feelings, especially during such as emotional time as we are living in. This year, give yourself permission to play around with some small changes and see what sparks joy in your life at home, then let yourself build on that to make your home the sanctuary it is. And remember, if you are ever in need of help with how to achieve this, at Mad About Furniture in Nueva Atalaya, Estepona (and also 100% online services for those who need or want it) we have a team of professional interior designers that can offer advice, inspiration, and more -all completely free. Let us take a look at your space, discuss your wants and needs, and put together a mood board for one or all the areas of your home -indoors and out, that uniquely reflects you while still offering a few quick interior design changes to inspire the new look and feel you need to embrace 2021 as the fresh, fascinating, fabulous new start that it is.



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