I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas

by Mad About Furniture |16 December 2020 | Blog, Furniture Packages

Crisp, clean, luxurious, white is a big trend when it comes to Christmas décor for your home. Exuding power and peacefulness at the same time, it’s a classic Christmas colour scheme that many homes on the Costa del Sol opt for during the holidays.  Not surprisingly, white is a classic home décor trend throughout the whole year, too, for many of the same reasons.

Bigger, More Spacious Look and Feel

Choosing to decorate your home with white furniture is a classic way to make any room appear more spacious and comfortable, especially at Christmas, when an abundance of added décor can often result in a cramped or cluttered feel to a room.

Cozy and Comfortable

Incredibly, although white furniture is perfect for creating an illusion of added space, it also makes those spaces more comfortable and cozy. Unlike dark furniture, which shows dust more easily, white furniture makes your home look and feel cleaner and organized, intrinsically inviting people in and setting you and guests at ease. Much like Christmas, white furniture also influences comfort psychologically by reminding us of purity, peace, and thus, relaxation. And who wouldn’t want that Christmas feeling all year round?

Practical and Versatile

With its minimalism and neutrality, white furniture can meet any décor style, from casual to formal, modern to contemporary. As an investment, white furniture will last longer through redecoration between holidays, seasons, years, and beyond, giving you a better return on investment so you can feel confident in purchasing higher quality, comfortable pieces that you love instead of simply settle for. Day to day dust, dirt, and spills are easily cleaned off white furniture without fuss or hassle, too, not to mention is the easiest colour to bleach clean in case of dire situations, making decorating your home with white sofas, chairs, walls, soft furnishings, rugs, lamps, beds, a more a practical and versatile choice.

White Furniture Options and Ideas

A white furniture pack from Mad About Furniture can range from co-ordinated pieces for a single room to an entire home. Considering a white option for your home? Here are some ideas and options:

  • White Bedroom Furniture: bedrooms, built for comfort and relaxation, lend beautifully to white furniture options. Avoid a sterile look or feel by opting for all white décor in a range of textures and tones or create a modern elegant space with white furniture and added accessories in soft colours.
  • White Living Room Furniture: Obtain the best of both worlds by choosing white living room furniture that you love and enhancing your design style through finishes rather than colour. Think gloss finish for a more glamorous statement, matt finishes for a bit of added drama, chrome finishings if you are going for a more modern style, etched finishings for classic elegance, glass for character, marble for opulance, leather for luxurious practicality, natural fiber for lived-in comfort, stone for grounded beauty, or a combination to set the tone for your home all year long.
  • White Kitchen and Dining Room Furniture: This Christmas (and all year long, for that matter), a clean, comfortable, organized kitchen is the key to a happy hostess and white furniture in the kitchen and dining room is a great way to achieve this. Clean and simple furniture staples can be brought to life with appliances and accessories that add the needed touches to match any cook’s personality.


At Mad About Furniture, we know that white furniture is a popular choice when it comes to Costa del Sol home design, so we are proud to offer an extensive collection of white furniture, including white furniture packs all in expertly co-ordinated styles by our interior designers to keep your home décor with the same look and feel throughout this Christmas or any time of the year. All of our furniture packs are fully customizable, too, should you prefer to mix and match your white (or non-white!) furniture, and our trained interior designers are always on hand to help plan and execute your perfect home décor design, whatever you are going for. Free delivery and free set-up along the coast, too, means that furnishing your home will be stress free and easier than ever!

Get in touch with our team to discuss your ideas and find out how we can make furnishing your Costa del Sol home easy and stress free with our one-stop furniture and home décor products and services!

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