In Search of The Best Sleep of Your Life

by Mad About Furniture |18 May 2021 | Blog

Is there anything better than crawling into bed at the end of a long day? Did your shoulders just drop in relaxation a little bit at the thought? Not sure how to create that ultimate level of bliss in your own home? The bed and bedroom furniture specialists at Mad About Furniture would love to help! Here’s our bedroom and bedding experts’ step-by-step guide to creating the ultimate sigh-worthy siesta moment (we are, after all, on the Costa del Sol!) every time your head hits the pillow:

Step 1: Start with a fantastic mattress. We know this can get a bit tricky, but don’t let the range of styles and sizes available to you ruin your zen! At Mad About Furniture we have just about every possibility and welcome you to peacefully browse at your leisure, ask our bed experts opinions, jump, or even snooze on the displays in our Estepona furniture showroom until you find what works best for you. (P.S. Read our other blog on how to choose a great mattress here)

Step 2: Invest in high quality bed linen. Breathable cotton sheets and pillowcases will keep you cool and comfortbale in the warm Spanish sun and the higher the thread count, the better. If you have allergies, you may also want to consider hypoallergenic fabrics so you not only easily drift off to sleep, but stay asleep and wake up feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Step 3: Consider your bed style carefully. The bed frame, head board and other structual aspects of your bed are actually important considerations when it comes to a quality night’s sleep and not purely aesthetic as commonly considered. A four poster bed with curtains can help keep out bright lights and mosquitos or other nusances that can keep you awake at night. Round beds allow you to sleep comfortably in any direction, and upholstered headboards, especially winged headboards or oversized versions, can give an ultra plush feel to your bedroom which can help in creating the ultimate 5-star hotel feel.

Of course, if there’s another bed style that you personally like or that better meets your other needs (storage bed, bunk bed, day bed, etc), there are always plenty of ways to make these just as sleep-inducing, too! Pop into our showroom in Estepona or send us a message to say hi and let our in-house interior design team help you come up with the best match for you and your home, completely free.

Step 4: Make your bed every day with the perfect combination of pillows, blankets, cushions, and bed accessories. Bedtime relaxation starts from the moment you walk into your bedroom and set eyes on your bed and sleep-inhibiting anxiety has no place in a well-made bed, so make your bed every morning after you get up and take a few minutes to make it look comfortable, relaxing, and inviting with co-ordinated sheets and duvets in your choice of colours and patterns, throw in some perfectly co-ordinated (or sometimes completely contrasting!) cushions, and a casually-draped throw at the end of your bed for that hotel quality professional crispness with a well-loved look that works for any bed style and any bedroom design. Wondering how to achieve all this easy and effortlessly? Why not let the interior designers at Mad About Furniture put together a bedroom moodboard to show you how you could achieve a stylish sanctuary, where your perfect night’s sleep awaits.



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