Interior Design For Stressed-Out Homeowners

by Mad About Furniture |10 September 2021 | Blog

A new home is a fresh start, and decorating a new home is an exciting process that let’s you transform a place to live, into a place to love. For some though, that excitement can be dulled by the stress that comes with researching the countless interior design “rules”  and that’s no fun at all! Moving into a new home should never be a overly-stressful time, especially when moving to the beautiful, relaxed life of the Costa del Sol, so if you’re getting ready to decorate your new home, apartment or villa and are feeling overwhelmed, feel free to forget everything else you’ve heard about what you **should** be doing when it comes to interior design and focus instead on these three things you **shouldn’t** be doing. Decorating your home this way means far fewer ‘rules’ to remember and many more opportunities to express your personality and meet you and your family’s wants and needs. Trust us, by focusing on just three big don’ts of interior design, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with how well everything will turn out!

Rule #1: Don’t decorate for the sake of decorating

Yes, decorating your home is about fashion too, but first and foremost it’s about function. Forgetting this is the leading cause of stressed out homeowners when they decide to decorate their home! If you’re looking to furnish or decorate your new home but dread the idea of doing it, strip all your decor ideas to the basics first and focus instead on what your home needs.

Staple furniture pieces like beds, side tables and dining table, chairs, dressers, sofa, and a TV unit are the first step in having a functional home, so focus on those first. These are the most important pieces of furniture in your home, so invest in quality ones that will last and make sure they are all the same style so you can play with other furniture and decor pieces later and still have a cohesive look throughout your home. To accomplish this quickly and easily, many new homeowners invest in a furniture pack, professionally-built collections of core furniture pieces that come in a variety of styles, so you can simply choose one that matches you or your home’s general style and walk away knowing you’re already on the right track to a beautifully-decorated home.

How We Can Help: At Mad About Furniture, we carry a number of furniture packs that make moving into a new home easy and stress-free. They come in a variety of expertly-coordinated styles for a full range of budgets, and they all include the staple pieces of furniture your home needs, so you can focus on the fun part of moving to a new home -decorating it! All the furntiture packs at Mad About Furniture are completely customizable, too, so you know you will always get exactly what you want.

Rule #2: Don’t buy too many decor items before moving in

There are two reasons not to buy too much furniture or too many decor items before moving into your new home. The first reason is simply for practicality’s sake – do you really want to pack up and move even more things than you have to? The second is all about style: Being able measure your new home’s spaces, see how the natural light falls in each room, and having your core furniture pieces in place first (see rule #1) before adding in your extra furniture (like armchairs, cabinets, home office furniture, dressing tables, sun loungers, and more) and accessories (like curtains, wall art, rugs, mirrors, lighting, and cushions) you want and need makes decorating your home all the easier. Moved in and still not sure where or how to start the decorating process? We recommend the beds. You need bedding, so choose bed clothes in whatever design you love and use that as a starting point to coordinate the rest of your home’s interior design.

How We Can Help: Apart from having a huge selection of indoor and outdoor furniture, home decor, and accessories to choose from (and expert advice on how to coordinate them all), don’t forget to also take advantage of Mad About Furniture’s free measuring services, too! We’ll happily measure your rooms and/or spaces so you can order the perfectly-sized rug, sofa, bed, curtains, even wallpaper and more for your space without the stress of doing it yourself or the worry that you’re doing it right! Our professional designers and their expert teams will even hang your wallpaper and curtains, deliver all your home furnishings, unpack them, and set them up anywhere on the Costa del Sol, completely free! It doesn’t get any more stress-free than that!

Rule #3: Don’t decorate without a colour palette in place

If you’re feeling stressed when it comes to choosing and implementing an interior design in your new Costa del Sol home, forget all the style options and complex design rules you’ve read about and simply focus on a single colour instead. Choose one colour you love and coordinate all your home decor and accessories for every room in your house in shades of that colour. Not sure what colour to use? Using your bedding or your favourite outfit’s colour palette is always a great source of inspiration!

How We Can Help: If you know you want a more complex colour palette or design style but have no idea how to tackle it yourself, the Mad About Furniture professional in-house interior designers are always on-hand to answer any questions you have. We will happily offer advice or suggestions, create a mood board to paralell your vision, even take on your entire home decorating project from start to finish if you like! And the best thing about it all? We offer our interior design services to all Mad About Furniture customers completely free so you never need to stress about decorating your home, no matter what you want or where you are in the process!

Pop down to the Mad About Furniture showroom in Estepona, browse our online furniture and design inspiration collections, or get in touch with us direct anytime – we would love to hear from you and help you get started on something spectacular!

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