Interior Design Forecast for 2023

by Mad About Furniture |14 December 2022 | Blog

It’s been a great year for interior design! We’ve finally started to say goodbye to the dull and dreary all-grey-everything trend (at last!), and we’ve put a huge focus on more sustainable products, as well as incorporating much more natural soft colours and shapes into our homes.

We love how diverse this year’s interior trends have been and it’s great to see those more comfortable and cosy colours and textures making their way back onto the scene. In a place like the Costa del Sol, particularly in winter, it can be difficult to replicate the typical cosy yet wintery interiors that we’d find in the UK, but using natural colours and textures can help soften and simplify any space.

Looking forward to 2023, we wonder what’s trending for us in interior design this coming year. We’ve never needed much of an excuse for an interior update, but with the new year just weeks away, let’s take a sneak peek at what looks to be huge in 2023!

Soft and Muted Colours

The transition from grey to neutral is still going to be a huge trend for 2023. This slow but steady trend has seen many of us opt for a warmer and cosier look, using very light and gentle colours. If adding colour is something you’re unsure of, this is the perfect trend to test the waters without throwing yourself into the deep end. Whilst the grey tones of 2020 and 2021 proved to be sleek and stylish, these more natural tones offer a more comforting and cosy feel for the home.

Dark and Mysterious Accent Walls

2022 brought us the dark British Racing Green and Emerald accent walls, a colour that stood out and added a pop of vibrancy to any home. 2023 is no different, but we predict that we’ll see a switch from green to navy blue. A gorgeous deep toned blue, paired with mustard, pinks, oranges or yellows, in the form of a statement chair, bold cushions or similar furnishings, will make a unique and contemporary addition to any space within the home.

Statement Rugs

Adding a rug to any space is an easy and super effective way to update your home without having to invest in costly renovations. Many of us know just how cold our marble floors can feel in the winter on the Costa del Sol too, so adding a rug is a great way to break up the cold floors and add a touch of warmth into the home. Another great thing about rugs is that you can choose something very minimal and muted, or you can go crazy and go as bold and brash as you like – the choice is yours!

Natural Materials

It’s important to be mindful when considering interior design and 2022 saw us start to turn our backs on mass-produced and poor-quality furniture, in favour of longer lasting and more natural materials. We’re pleased to see this trend continue into 2023! Not only is it better for the environment, but using natural materials brings a much-needed sense of calm and tranquillity into the home. Natural woods, stone and glass dining sets and consoles are at the forefront of this trend, and we love to see it.

‘Soft Modern’ Kitchens

We love this new hybrid kitchen design that takes the best elements from both modern and traditional kitchens, to create a soft and homely space fit for any occasion. Whilst the ultra-modern kitchens that have become commonplace in many homes are great for their sleek and pristine look, the soft modern trend cosies-up the place, taking away any sterile element. Think about soft pull-in cabinet handles and rounded edges for a traditional feel. With this trend, there’s no need to splash the cash either, you can even upgrade your existing kitchen to incorporate more traditional or modern elements as you wish.


Given the current climate, we’re cutting down on our spending in favour of upgrading what we already have. Not only is it more sustainable and better for the environment, but the satisfaction of creating something yourself is super rewarding. Ok so the word ‘upcycling’ might give us visions of gaudy and badly painted homeware but hear us out! There are so many ways to make something old feel new again and with older style, darker furniture making a comeback, you needn’t spend too much money or time to bring something back to life.

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