Interior Design Trends In 2019

by Mad About Furniture |6 May 2019 | Blog

One of the joys of interior design on the Costa del Sol is the opportunity for constant reinvention, taking inspiration both from the cosmopolitan style unique to the Costa del Sol and the new trends flagged by professional interior designers. What’s more, it doesn’t need to cost a fortune.

Keeping an eye on the international interior design bibles can show you what’s in and out. However, to see how these ideas can translate to your property, it’s a good idea to visit the large furniture stores in Marbella (either in person or online) or take a sneaky peak inside new housing developments like Los Miradors del Sol to see just how exciting and attainable this year’s design ideas can be.

So, what are the hottest interior design trends for 2019?

Scandi simplicity (1970s style)
It will come as no surprise to anyone with an eye for home design that Scandi style still tops the list. According to, this type of scheme can be replicated easily in any room, using either living room sets, bedroom furniture or dining rooms sets, the effect is created by using simple materials and a subdued palette, accented with vibrant colours.

Mindful optimistic colours
Pantone, the colour palette giant used by professional designers has moved away from last year’s violet palette, instead choosing Living Coral to be the Pantone’s 2019 Colour of the Year. suggests mixing the coral tones with soft terracotta for a muted tone or jazzing it up with eyepopping aqua, splash of burnt orange or jewel red for an up to date fresh look to your home. This type of palette can be easily adapted in bright sunny Spanish homes, using accent pieces in your soft furnishings and upholstery.

Fifth wall
Ever thought of painting your ceiling? No, well think again, as 2019 is the year for decorating your ‘fifth wall’. Times have moved on from the swirling Artex, we’re talking wallpaper and exciting paint colours that will give a room the wow factor.

Natural Elements
The need to reduce the ecological footprint of a building is seeing more passive housing developments and the use of natural locally sourced elements used during the build. Wooden furniture and beautiful natural stone combine to create a calm and healthier interior, whilst still delivering on style.

The bigger and bolder the better! Interior plants are big news in 2019, both fresh and in print. Breathe life into each room, think cushions, throws, bedding and curtains, which can be mixed with beautiful white living room furniture.

If you’re aiming to replicate one of the many stunning Marbella interiors displayed in glossy magazines or you have your own original ideal furniture ideas, you should view our complete furniture packages here.

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