Is Your Home Ready For 2022?

by Mad About Furniture |18 November 2021 | Blog

Christmas is coming and for many of us that means getting your home decorated for the holidays. But what happens in the new year? In Spain, the Christmas season doesn’t officially end until January 7th, the day after the three kings arrive and deliver gifts to all the kids, but once they have come and gone and it’s time to take down your holiday decor, don’t leave your home feeling blank and empty -January is the perfect time to redecorate!

2022 Interior Design Trends

Interior design is all about you and your preferences, but if you’re looking for interior design inspiration for the coming year, there are plenty of 2022 trends for you to explore. Retro is coming back full force and we expect it to be even more popular next year, as is calming, zen-like and multi-functional interiors and minimalist design styles, so make sure you speak with you interior designer about exploring furniture and home decor options that embrace these styles. The newest trend that is emerging next year though – and we must say we really do love it here at the Mad About Furniture store, is stark white furniture, floors and walls sharply contrasted with exuberantly colourful rugs, wall art and other home accessories. It’s not a completely new design style, but when done right by taking it to the next level – as we expect to see in the coming year, it really makes for a powerful visual that brings exponential cheer and personality to every space in your home.

Quite possibly the best news for you is that no matter your home’s current look, because 2022 interior design trends are such a fluid continuation of 2021’s amazing furniture and stylings, a beautiful 2022 show home-worthy Marbella home can be easily accomplished with just a few updates to your interior and exterior spaces. The perfect way to beat the end-of-Christmas blues at home and enter the new year with a ready-to-take-on-the-world attitude! Here’s how:

Leather is oh-so vintage and makes for an ultra-trendy furniture choice but just as importantly, it’s also incredibly sturdy and versatile. Consider a leather couch in your living room or a deep leather chair for your home office for a fantastic focal piece of furniture that you can quickly and easily build an entire interior design around! Already have a leather sofa at home? Build on the vintage style for 2022 with home accessories in shades of burnt orange, avocado green and warm browns, tans and creams.

Indoor plants are most definitely still a thing for 2022, so keep all your potted plants and garden-inspired home decor into the new year, then consider enhancing this love of nature with wooden furniture paired with home decor in shades of green. Solid wood dining tables and chairs are an easy perfect fit for nearly every home that loves an indoor-outdoor feel and wants to update it for 2022, but if you’re really particularly bold, consider a floral or tropical print wallpaper for your living room, bedroom or even your bathroom! Just make sure you compliment it with paired-back furniture pieces in coordinated styles so you don’t overpower the overall design, especially in smaller spaces.

Bookcases, consoles, desks and cabinets are your friend this year so be liberal with them in every room of your house. The idea is to be able to tuck everything away and create open, multi-functional spaces so you can feel uncluttered in your home and your life too. The perfect way to start out a new year, if you ask us! Chances are, you already have home storage solutions factored into your home’s interior design, but this year consider custom-built or made-to-measure shelving to make your living room, home office, bedroom, kitchen and dining room not just super functional but super chic too!

Wicker furniture is a fantastic way to accomplish an indoor-outdoor look that was made popular this year and will continue to be on-trend in 2022. If you love this look as much as we do, take it to the next level for 2022 by switching your indoor furniture with your outdoor furniture! That is to say, find indoor furniture made of natural materials, like wicker (wood or stone are also great outdoor materials you can bring inside) and update your outdoor furniture decor with lush-looking carpets (just make sure they’re purpose-built for outdoors!), lighting, metal furniture and industrial-chic accessories. And we may be in southern Spain, but it still gets chilly here in winter, so don’t forget to include an outdoor fireplace or heater for your outdoor space so you can enjoy your beautiful outdoor living room from the get-go!

Mirrors are a great way to maximize natural light in a home, providing a calming feel, perfect for a zen-like home no matter what size or style it happens to be. Feel free to add an extra mirror or two to your walls, especially those facing large windows (to refract natural light) or in small spaces (to make them feel more open and airy). If you’re worried you’ll lose the cosiness factor at home this way, a soft rug underfoot will easily forgive an over-indulgence in mirrors, no matter what room of the house you’re in.

Soft is in, so go ahead and go all-out with round furniture (yes, round sofas, round beds and round chairs most definitely get a thumbs up for 2022!) or, if you’re not quite ready to take the plunge on a big focus piece of rounded furniture, you can still get the look with new round rug, soft textures (we love velvet curtains!), and soft colours like warm greens, creams and blues or soft lighting that will give your home (and you!) a warm inner glow.

Finally, bold is the new hot trend so if you’re done with the cosiness of winter and want to really jump into 2022 with two feet, a white furniture package paired with big, bold, bright prints and colours is a perfectly on-trend way to jar the senses. Eclectic is in for this style too, so you can really choose a range of indoor and outdoor furniture and home decor in just about any style or colour scheme you like! Keep in mind that there’s a fine line here though, between whimsical fun and uncoordinated chaos, so always work with your interior designer to have a plan in place before shopping for furniture and home accessories!

And no matter what look, feel, or style you’re going for in 2022, know that you always have a helping hand waiting for you at Mad About Furniture in Marbella! Our furniture store and showroom is packed with not just incredible furniture pieces and furniture and home decor catalogues to browse, we have an entire team of expert staff on hand to help you shop for whatever it is you’re looking for! We work with many leading brands, designers and furniture makers so you get the best possible selection and never have to second-guess your indoor or outdoor furniture choices, plus our team includes trained and experienced interior designers that can offer professional interior design advice – even build you a mood board to start your 2022 with an interior design that’s all abut you, your personality, your home and your budget!

Stop by and visit us anytime! We look forward to welcoming you to the Mad About Furniture furniture store in Atalaya, just minutes from Marbella and Estepona!

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