Jet-Setting and Trend-Setting Interior Design

by Mad About Furniture |5 April 2021 | Blog

It hasn’t been the best of times for globetrotters and jet-setters recently: plenty of travel restrictions have meant that far too much time has been spent in our own countries instead of visiting all our favourite places in the world and (trust us, we know!), it hasn’t been easy! And while we don’t know when travel will be back to what it once was, or when you can get back to your favourite holiday spot, we do know how to bring your favourite destination to you with some inspired interior design!

Interior Design Inspired by Global Destinations

If you’ve been itching to travel but still have your feet firmly planted at home, there’s no need to fret: not only is it easy to bring an inspired international look and feel to any home, it’s completely on-trend! Our expert interior designers can walk you through all of your options to create a fabulous globally-inspired interior design, but for those looking for immediate inspiration, take a look at these trending styles:

French: If France is your dream destination, recreate the effortlessly chic style of this iconic destination and feel instantly more sophisticated, elegant and romantic every time you come home, but in that oh-so-cool understated way that every French person and home is famous for. To recreate this look and feel in your home, you’ll want to start by embracing vintage furniture, the more imperfect the better! Solid wood furniture will last generations, even with a scuff here or there, so feel free to put any quality furniture you like even in high-traffic areas of your home – it will only add to the design! Eclectic décor is also at the heart of the French interior design style, so it’s the perfect excuse to pick up a stunning new piece of furniture, art or décor that you absolutely love, even if it doesn’t perfectly match the rest of your home’s interior. The aim of a French interior designed home is to look (and be!) very laissez-faire, so have fun with playful furniture pieces and mix and match them freely. When in doubt, opt for an abundance of beautiful but functional wood furniture combined with pastel décor in a range of patterns and textures and you’ll find yourself closer to the French interior design style than you may realise!


Asian: Escape to the Far East at home with an interior design that focuses on neutrality and functionality with a pop of colour and maximalism thrown in. To get this look in your home, consider a dark wood furniture package and combine it with décor in classically Asian colours including vibrant red, cherry blossom pink or plum purple. A few additional accent pieces in black or gold are a great choice too. Successful execution of this style lies in balance: you don’t want too much of one material or colour in any room, be it in the furniture, wall art or décor and indoor-outdoor living is a must! Get creative on bringing the outdoors in and bring harmony to the interior of your home with plenty of plants, a water feature, woven grass mats or stone accents. Overall, an Asian-inspired interior design will embrace minimalistic furniture and wall art with an abundance of décor in a variety of nature-inspired materials, texture and colours.


Spanish: You probably chose to have your home in Spain for a reason, and if the Costa del Sol is your dream destination, why not embrace it with a classic Mediterranean-inspired interior design? Casual, romantic and charming, you’ll want to focus on white wood chairs, sofas and tables, wood or wrought iron beds, cotton soft furnishings in creams, tans and other neutral nature-inspired hues (shades of blue, green and yellow are also perfect Mediterranean colours for those that prefer a more colourful home), and multi-functional furniture and décor that embraces and enhances natural light and airflow.


Tropical: Take the beachy Mediterranean feel one step further into the exotic, by going for a tropical interior design at home. Your white furniture and natural material décor will continue to play a big role in this style, but abundance takes centre stage here, so don’t get rid of what you have, simply add to it with plenty of bright and bold accessories. Fun wall paper, animal print cushions, potted palms (indoors and out!), bamboo-framed mirrors, brightly coloured wall art and fresh or silk flowers and fruit are all great ways to take your Costa del Sol beach home to the next level of exotic!


FREE Professional Interior Design Services

Love any of these design styles or have another globally-inspired design for your home, apartment or villa in mind? Give our professional interior designers a call to discuss how we can make it happen! Our designers have decades of experience furnishing homes in Marbella, Estepona, the Costa del Sol, and across Andalucia, Spain, and other countries around the world and would love to make your dream home a reality! No matter where it happens to be, we work with you to plan and execute a new or redesign of any space you’re considering, inside or out, and always with your personality, preferences and budget in mind. The end result is always a show-home worthy look that you’ll love and best of all, we offer all our clients complete interior design services completely FREE! We can even easily work with you remotely too, so if you’ve recently bought a new home and want to have it completely move-in ready before you arrive, we can take care of every last detail from interior design to furniture delivery, set up and more. Get in touch with us today to discuss your needs and we’ll be happy to help!


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