Light up your life

20th October 2015

In design lighting is more often than not the thing to be looked at last as it is considered one of the least important parts of finishing a home in Spain. In reality, you can have one of the most creative designs but without lighting it becomes flat, ordinary and unfinished.

There are many important affects that lighting can give us;

It can allow for practical use of a space. In a kitchen, for example, we remember that down lighters in the ceiling are necessary though often forget that while working, on a surface we create shadows and therefore will struggle to see. An easy way of making this a much more usable area is to use smaller down lighters underneath wall cabinets. It is a very simple and not very expensive solution yet looks nice and helps with day to day cooking, as you can see in the image below.



We can also use lighting to illustrate and draw attention to a specific part of a room for example a painting or a signature piece of furniture. This in turn gives the space depth and atmosphere.

There are so many different style, shapes and colours of lighting available now and this means we can use lights to illustrate our personalities with in our rooms. The options are never-ending… quirky top hats, elegant crystal chandeliers, traditional brass library lamps… the list goes on and on. There is so much room for creativity with in this field of design.

Studies have shown us that lighting can be good for our health too. In the winter months when the mornings and evenings are darker quicker we can sometimes find ourselves feel tired and a little low. ‘Day-light’ lights were created to replace the effects of the sun when natural light is not possible. In the beginning they were used in schools and offices in order to keep the pupils and employees focused but now you are starting to see them in homes more and more. By sitting infront of a day-light light for half an hour in the morning it can make you feel refreshed for the day. A nice way to use these in the home is to create a fake skylight window in the kitchen, living room or your bedroom. You can see in the image below how real it can appear.



At Mad about furniture we are fascinated by what can be achieved with lighting and are more than happy to show you what is on offer and to see what will look fantastic in your home in southern Spain!

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