Moving to Spain? Should Your Furniture Come, Too?

by Mad About Furniture |6 May 2021 | Blog

Moving to the Costa del Sol? Great choice! You are going to LOVE it here (but you already knew that!) Moving to our sunny coast was an easy decision for Mad About Furniture’s founders Steve and David, too, as was starting their one-stop-shop for home furnishings in 2002 to help others do the same. Having done it themselves, they know that even though lots of excitement comes with a move abroad, the logistics of it can get a bit stressful -which is why they offer a complete range of services to their clients making the move abroad. And while their furniture, home décor and interior design professionals aren’t exactly equipped to help you explain to your mother-in-law why you can’t bring her with you, they can absolutely make the moving process easier, faster and incredibly stress-free in so many other ways.

If you’re moving to Spain from overseas, one of the first things to consider is what furniture you’ll want to bring with you to your new home and what’s better left behind. International moves can get complicated and expensive, especially true for those coming from outside of Europe (yes, UK, that officially includes you too now), so make sure you’re bringing the furniture you just can’t live without, but let yourself have that important fresh start you’re looking for here, too, by finding new furniture once you’re here that better meets your new home and your new lifestyle. Especially when you have Mad About Furniture on your side here in Spain, you’ll see that investing in new furniture for your Costa del Sol home not only saves you a ton of stress during your move abroad, you’ll likely find it is the best option financially, too!

Home Furnishings You Should Bring With You When You Move Abroad

That being said, there are a few things that should come with you when you move. Irreplaceable pieces, such as one-of-a-kind designer furniture, collector’s items, and family heirlooms are usually worth the added stress and expense of international travel, especially if they have sentimental value, since this can’t be replicated in any furniture store. Often both sentimental and a substantial financial investment, wall art is a big consideration in this regard, as many art lovers are hesitant to both ship or store their collections. If this is true for you, and you’re making a permanent move to Spain with the intention of living here year-round, we recommend considering bringing your art collection with you. If your Costa del Sol home is a holiday home though, you may want to consider replicating your art collection in your second home here with quality prints instead, saving you unnecessary hassle and expense.

Another things to consider when choosing what to bring with you when moving to Spain, are creature comforts. A few smaller or lighter comfort objects, even if not particularly sentimental, can go a long way to making your new house feel like home, too. A familiar duvet cover that you can wrap around yourself when twinges of homesickness hit, a random trinket that has always had pride of place on your mantle piece for some unknown reason, a chipped tea cup that you enjoy your morning cuppa in every day -a few of these things can and should make the final cut when it comes to deciding what to bring with you. This is especially true if you are moving with children!


Furnishing Your New Home Made Easy

Settling into your new home on the Costa del Sol can be easier than you realise, even if you arrive with no furniture! Here at Mad About Furniture, we pride ourselves on providing everything you need to move in quickly, easily and stress-free, regardless of the size of moving truck or number of suitcases  in tow. One way we do this is with our furniture packs, which come in a range of styles to suit every home and budget, and are complete with all the essential furniture you need to enjoy the amazing Costa del Sol lifestyle as soon as possible -without the added stress of shopping around for each individual piece and trying to co-ordinate them all. We can even work with you remotely before you arrive in Spain, deliver, unpack and set-up your entire home – right down to the bed linens, curtains, and silverware you’ll need, so you can walk through your front door and into a fully-furnished, completely bespoke and show-home beautiful space!


Expert Services To Make Your Move to Spain Stress-free

All of our furniture packs have been designed by our expert in-house interior designers so you can rest assured that all the living room, kitchen, dining room, bedroom, bathroom and outdoor furniture they contain all co-ordinates beautifully. They are all completely customizable too, so if you have a particular piece in mind, or a style that speaks to your unique needs or personality, we will happily make it happen. We even work closely with famed international as well as local furniture makers to source or create bespoke tables, chairs, sofas, beds and more to meet your home’s exact measurements or interior design style.

Not sure what style to use in your new Marbella, Estepona, or other Costa del Sol town apartment, house or villa? We can help with that too! Our professional interior designers are at your disposal to discuss your vision, needs, personality and budget and create a customised mood board for inspiration and help you choose the best furniture pieces to go with it. Best of all, all our customers are encouraged to take advantage of these interior design services, all completely FREE! Find out more on the interior design page of our website:

We also offer FREE delivery anywhere on the coast and will unload, unpack and set-up your new furniture at no charge. And don’t forget about our FREE measuring service too, so you can be completely sure that all of your new furniture, wall art, curtains, wallpaper and more will all fit perfectly in your new home.

From start to finish, Mad About Furniture aims to make your move to our sunny shores as easy as possible, so please let us know what we can do to help! You are also very welcome to browse our furniture collections for every room of the house and start gathering some design inspiration on our website, visit our showroom in Estepona to see, touch and try out our most popular furniture pieces, or get in touch if you’re looking for something specific or are ready to get started on furnishing your new home in Spain!

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