No Villa, No Problem! Expert Furniture and Interior Design Styles For Small Spaces

by Mad About Furniture |6 July 2021 | Blog

Known the world-over for its incredible climate, food, wine, people, culture, and nightlife alike, the Costa del Sol is a destination like no other. It’s safe to say that every town on our stunning coast is dotted with jaw-droppingly luxurious villas that locals and expats call home either year-round or during their holidays. But you don’t need to own a villa to take full advantage of everything the Costa del Sol has to offer! If your budget, lifestyle, or simple personal preferences call for a more compact space, rest assured it can be beautiful *and* functional with these space-saving furniture and décor ideas from the Mad About Furniture expert interior designers and furniture, home décor, and home accessories pieces available from our furniture shop in Estepona.

No Villa, No Problem!

The villa life isn’t for everyone and just because you have a more moderate home or apartment here on the Costa del Sol doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a stunning show-home look and feel to wherever you call home, whether that happens to be all year long or simply during your holiday visits to our beautiful coast. And yes, although Mad About Furniture has helped design and furnish the interiors of some of the most luxurious villas in Marbella, Puerto Banús, and elsewhere, we are also (if we do say so ourselves) just as capable and excited about the luxurious interior designs we have accomplished in the smallest of homes, apartments, and studio spaces up and down the coast. Looking to furnish your own modest home or holiday home here and wanting to take full advantage of every bit of space you have? Here’s our advice:

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Space-Saving Interior Design Styles:

When planning your interior design, there are plenty of options available to you, even if your home or apartment is limited on space. Consider a white furniture package that doesn’t attract too much attention (you can add in plenty of colour with home décor accessories!), opt for a Scandinavian minimalist look that makes any space feel less cluttered, or even go industrial chic with plenty of metal and chrome design elements that reflect light and make your small space feel instantly bigger and brighter. Some specific design ideas to consider:

  • Hang curtains higher than the window frame to create the illusion of height.
  • Utilize plants in your interior design to blur the line between indoors and out and make your home feel bigger.
  • Opt for a single, large piece of wall art on the largest wall in the room to minimize cluttered walls and draw the eye to the biggest area of any space.
  • Use mirrors or mirrored furniture to reflect natural light make your space feel bright and airy.
  • Use vertical lines in your design choices to draw the eye upwards and make the space feel higher.
  • Paint your ceiling with colour or designs (try wallpaper!) instead of your walls to attract attention to the highest point of the room

Overwhelmed? Not sure what look is right for you or your space? Don’t forget that the professional in-house interior design team at Mad About Furniture offer FREE interior design consultations for any and all of our clients. Pop in for a cup of coffee and a chat or give us a call for 100% remote design services!

Space-saving Furniture

When choosing furniture pieces for your smaller Costa del Sol home, the best advice is often the simplest: remove any bulky or unnecessary furniture from your space to literally create more room for living and less mental clutter which can take away from the relaxing feel you need at home. Next, furnish your spaces with compact styles or pieces that serve multiple purposes such as a sofa bed, nested side tables, a wall-mounted office desk or TV stand, a canape bed frame or other storage furniture around the house, and modular dining sets or bars that allow dining chairs, benches, or bar stools to fit under them. Your goal is to maximize floor space, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on style! Feel free to visit the Mad About Furniture showroom in Estepona to have a look around, touch, feel, and try out everything we have on display until you find what’s right for you and your home! If you’re shopping for a space-saving furniture, we recommend bringing measurements of your space with you to facilitate decision-making, but that’s by no means required (or we can measure for you!).

Keep in mind, too, that we always have a huge amount of furniture in-stock and ready to deliver to your home anywhere on the Costa del Sol (for free!) but if you’re really struggling to find the absolute perfect piece of furniture for your unique space or taste, we can also custom build you exactly what you need! Our custom built furniture is completely bespoke for your home’s size and design so it may take a bit longer to arrive at your doorstep, but the space-saving results (not to mention beauty!) is well worth the wait!

Whether you’re currently on our sunny coast or still getting ready to arrive later in the year, right now is the perfect time to get in touch with the Mad About Furniture team and get started on furnishing your Costa del Sol home!

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