Outdoor Living on the Costa del Sol Without Leaving Your Backyard

by Mad About Furniture |6 June 2022 | Blog

Outdoor living is a big part of Costa del Sol life and yes, we love going to the beach, walking the cobblestone streets of our coastal towns, and eating out, but sometimes, well, sometimes you just want to stay home. So here you have it: Your go-to list of the best things to do in your garden when you just can’t be bothered to leave home.


  1. Have a Barbecue: Invite the extended family over, some friends, even the neighbours if you’re up for it, but even if you aren’t feeling social in the slightest, a garden BBQ that includes you and only you is a perfectly acceptable way to spend a day at home! Grill up some of your favourite dishes and enjoy them on your outdoor dining set, patio table, even poolside lounger, while you enjoy the Spanish sunshine we all know and love.
  2. Take a nap: There’s nothing quite as luxurious as an afternoon nap in the sun, am I right? And you’re in Spain, so a siesta is practically the law. So why not sink into the cushions of an outdoor sofa or sunbed for a refreshing snooze that’ll give you the energy to hit the town later (or not)? Don’t forget your sun cream or parasol, though – you wouldn’t want to wake up looking like a lobster!
  3. Play With Your Dog: Strengthen the bond between you and your fur baby with a game of tug-of-war, a roll around in the grass, and a dip in the pool together to cool off. Really get into the spirit of things by getting down on all fours and shaking yourself off after your swim (go ahead – no one’s looking!) and then stretching out for a cuddle on your poolside lounger to dry off. Man’s best friend meet the good life!
  4. Build a Fortress: Kids complaining of boredom, but you don’t want the hassle of packing the snacks, toys, changes of clothes, books, and everything else that they insist on taking with them any time you leave the house for a day out together? Plop them in the garden with a few blankets, towels, or anything else you feel like handing over, and let them use the outdoor sofa set, patio table, outdoor dining set, or whatever outdoor furniture you happen to have, to build a fort. You’ll (hopefully) get some peace and quiet while they use their imagination (and pent-up energy) all afternoon!
  5. Go Camping: More akin to glamping since you’ll have full access to a working toilet and running water, sleeping outdoors in your garden is a great alternative to a full camping trip. Forget sleeping on the hard ground, though! It’s so warm here on the Costa del Sol you can very likely get away with wrapping yourself up in a light blanket and sleeping alfresco on your outdoor sofa or lounge chair (there’s some pretty incredible ones out there that you’d honestly get a good night’s sleep on). And hey, if it gets too cold or the mosquitoes start buzzing, you’re in walking distance of your own bed!
  6. Tapas Night Garden Party: Send out some invites, string up some festive lights, grab a few throw blankets, and have yourself a good old fashioned garden party complete with tapas, wine, and cocktails. A good rule of thumb is to have enough drinks on hand for two drinks per guest per hour plus three tapas per guest per hour. Remember, too, that you’ll want enough outdoor seating for everyone to have a place to sit at the same time and plenty of tables or side tables for food and drinks to get set down as people chat and mingle.


Outdoor living is most definitely a way of life in Marbella, Estepona…and anywhere on the Costa del Sol. So, why not enjoy it to the full by investing in some quality outdoor furniture from Mad About Furniture.


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