Soak in the Costa del Sol Sunshine This Summer With Your Perfect Sunbed!

by Mad About Furniture |9 June 2021 | Blog

Yes, the Costa del Sol gets year-round sunshine, but there’s something special about the summertime, isn’t there? It just begs for relaxed breaks on your sunbed or sunlounger, warm sun on your face and a cold drink in hand, to forget the stress of the day. But just what is the best sunbed or sunlounger? In short, it depends purely on you, your lifestyle, and your personal preferences. But don’t worry, we’ve spoken with the outdoor furniture professionals at Mad About Furniture in Estepona, Spain, to find out how you can choose the best sunbed or sunlounger for you. Here’s what we found out:

Consider Your Space

Mad About Furniture offers free personalized interior design consultations to all their customers, so it makes sense that one of the first things they suggest when choosing your perfect sunlounger is to consider where you’ll be putting it. Outside, obviously, but there’s more to consider than just that! Will you be using your lounger on a terrace, patio, or in a garden? It is covered or open to the elements? Will it remain in one place or do you like the flexibility to move it around often? What other indoor or outdoor furniture do you need to co-ordinate it with?

If you love the idea of sunbathing at home but only have a small terrace or patio to work with, you’ll likely want to consider a reclining chair that can be folded and tucked away when you’re not using it. For larger gardens, terraces, and poolside, your sunlounger options are more expansive and come in a range of styles, including the ultimate relaxation space: a sunbed. Keep in mind, though, that while a number of sunlounger options come with wheels for easy transport to find your perfect spot of sun or shade around your home, sunbeds, due to their size, are usually fixed in place, which can expose them to summer storms, pets, and even kids (or adults) 24/7. That’s not a bad thing, but be sure to take it all into consideration when choosing the right piece of furniture for you.

Your space is not only limited to size, but to style as well. Make sure your new sunbed or sunlounger co-ordinates with any other furniture or design style you already have at home, both indoors and out. If you’re not sure how to do that, we recommend speaking to the professional interior designers Mad About Furniture have on staff, who can walk you through design essentials and even create a personalized mood board to capture the look and feel you want to achieve.

Consider Materials for Form, Function, and Fashion

Sunbeds and sunloungers come in a range of materials, including wood, plastic, metal, wicker, rattan, or a combination of two or more. Each have distinct looks and feels to them with pros and cons to consider, but no matter what style or what material it’s made of, any sunbed or sunlounger you choose should not only look good (to you), but it should feel comfortable to sit and relax on, otherwise it’s lost it’s use! Quality sunbeds and sunloungers will be purpose-built for outdoor use so that they don’t rust, warp, fade, or crack in the sun, wind, and even rain that they will be exposed to here on the Costa del Sol. Cushions, beds, pillows, headrests etc for any sunbed or sunlounger should follow suit. Just because you can usually remove them for easily cleaning doesn’t give them special permission to be less-than-exceptional for outdoor weather!

And don’t worry, we’ve already checked: At Mad About Furniture, at their outdoor furniture shop in Estepona, they only sell quality, all-weather outdoor furniture that’s made to last, so anything you find on their website or in their showroom is sure to meet this essential requirement.

Consider Your Lifestyle

Finally, the Mad About Furniture team remind you to think about your unique Costa del Sol lifestyle. Will you be using your sunbed or sunlounger in your holiday home in Spain? If so, you may want to consider a sunbed or sunlounger that can be more easily packed away in storage while you’re away. Is your sunbed or sunlounger purchase for a rental or investment property? Consider a white outdoor furniture package that will make a statement for a range of renters. Do you burn easily and need a sunbed or lounger with a shade (or should you consider a separate parasol purchase, too)? Maybe a detached or built-in side table for your book, tanning oil, or cocktail for lengthy afternoon sessions in the sun? Quick-dry fabric if your lounger is going poolside? Think about how you will be using your sunbed or sunlounger most, then browse online for some ideas and, ideally, test out a few of your favourites in a local sunlounger shop (bonus points to Mad About Furniture here who welcome you to try out all their furniture in their showroom and will even bring you a cup of tea or coffee while you do!).

Remember, outdoor living, especially in Estepona, Marbella, or anywhere on the Costa del Sol -and especially when it comes to loungers, is all about relaxation, so choose your sunbed or sunlounger first and foremost on how comfortable you feel when you look at it, sit on it, and use it. Check the specs and speak with the outdoor furniture experts, of course, but mostly, just go with your gut.

Discover more about Mad About Furniture including their range of sunbeds, sunloungers, outdoor furniture, and more on their website or by visiting their showroom in Nueva Atalaya, Estepona.




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