Styling Your Living Room

by Mad About Furniture |29 December 2020 | Blog, Furniture Packages

The interior design of your home is usually centered around the living room, as this is the hub of the home and where you will spend most of your at-home time.

Choosing an Interior Design Style

Your living room will set the stage for the rest of your home’s style, so getting it right is important. Not sure where to start? Here’s some tips for finding and implementing your home’s personal design style:

  • Measure all your spaces. Accurate measurements will help you determine what will physically fit in your living room as well as what layouts and styles suit it best. Not confident in your measuring skills, don’t have the time, or are out of the country but still want to get started on furnishing your home? Our interior design professionals will measure your living room and/or any other spaces you are looking to design completely FREE!
  • Dig through your closets. Your clothes are a reflection of your personality; so if you don’t know what your home décor style is, take a look at your favourite clothes. They will give you a great place to start thinking about how you love to live, which is what great living room interior design does. Don’t forget to take into consideration the styles of all the people living in your home, not just your own! Not sure how to translate your fashion sense into home décor or how to combine everyone’s unique choices into furniture design? Get in touch! We are more than happy to help!
  • Gather inside inspiration. What do you already own that you absolutely love? Take photos so you can send them to us or bring them to our showroom for advice on how to build your living room design around them!
  • Gather outside inspiration. Blogs, brochures, magazines…there are countless options out there to inspire you. A great place to start is by browsing our living room furniture options online or checking out our design inspiration pages on our website!

At Mad About Furniture, we welcome the opportunity to help you design your perfect living room and home. We will use your home’s measurements and your personal style, inspiration, personality, and budget to create a mood board that lets you envision your interior design choices for a show home worthy look that will set the tone for all the other rooms in your house.

For the living room, your sofa should be the starting point, based on your living room’s size, shape, and family needs. Corner sofas, sofa beds, fabric sofas, chaise lounges, leather sofas, and more are all available from our showroom or can be sourced, designed, or built to meet your exact wants and needs. Once you have your sofa chosen, remaining living room furniture like sideboards, cabinets, consoles, TV units, and more can be co-ordinated to it. Finally, accessories like curtains, mirrors, wall art, lighting, cushions, wallpaper, and more are added in to really reflect your personality.

Living Room Furniture Packs

Making the entire design process easy and stress free is always our goal for you, so we offer a host of furniture packs made for your living room as well as other rooms of your home so that from the beginning of your interior design process you know you’ll have all the furniture you need and all in perfectly co-ordinated styles, getting you to the fun part of interior design faster: the accessories. All our furniture packages are completely customizable, too, so you always have full control over the look and feel of every space of your apartment, house, or villa, indoors and out.

One-Stop Services

We aim to make furnishing your Costa del Sol home easy, fun, and stress-free from beginning to end, so in addition to convenient furniture packs, countless quality furniture options, bespoke furniture design, and more, we also offer a host of free services: FREE interior design consultation services (both in-person and online, at your convenience); FREE measuring services; and fast, professional and FREE delivery and set up of all your furniture anywhere along the Costa del Sol and beyond. Our friendly and expert team of interior designers will always happily welcome you to our showroom in Nueva Atalaya, Estepona (Marbella) to browse and discuss your needs or ideas, or they can help you create and execute your home’s design or redesign completely online, especially helpful for Costa del Sol homeowners currently living outside of Spain.

Visit our website or contact us directly to get started!

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