Stylish Interior Design with Kids in Mind

by Mad About Furniture |12 August 2021 | Blog

The Costa del Sol is a great place to retire, but it’s also a wonderful place to bring up a family too! One of the things we love about Spain is that kids not only love it here, they are welcomed with open arms, no matter where in the world they originally hail from! And there’s good reason for parents to love being here too: Spain ranks the sixth safest country to live in in the world and the Costa del Sol have some of the highest quality of life rankings in the world too! Add to that a rich and family-friendly culture, incredible food, nearly year-round sunshine, excellent local and international schools and plenty of kid-friendly facilities for families with children of any age and you can’t go wrong when you decide to live (or even just holiday) here on our beautiful coast. Trust us, your kids will have plenty to see, do and experience here in Spain, but what about when they come home at the end of the day? That’s where Mad About Furniture is here to help. Our interior designers have put together this easy-peasy guide to making your home kid-friendly without sacrificing the show home style you’re looking for when creating your home’s interior design.

If you have a permanent or holiday home on the Costa del Sol and will be sharing it with children, integrating both ‘kid’ and ‘grown-up’ looks throughout all rooms of the house is a great way to make everyone feel a real sense of comfort in their home. But creating a space that both kids and adults will love to live in is not always easy, but it can most definitely be achieved!

Chic Yet Kid-Approved Interior Design

When designing a stylish home with kids in mind, choose an interior design style where you can incorporate your kid’s favourite colours or designs, even if it is in a more modern, elegant or sophisticated way. Some great ways to do this are with animal print touches for animal lovers, a nautical style for beach-goers, rustic wood furniture for lovers of the great outdoors, travel-inspired pieces furniture and decor that reflects a favourite place in the world, glass and metal furniture and lighting for technology-loving kids, even an abundance of oh-so-chic indoor plants that can nod to a love of dinosaurs. The possibilities are truly endless! Feel free to get creative when it comes to creating a space for any room of your home and remember that you don’t have to go over the top when it comes to incorporating your children’s interests into your interior design. A simple touch here and there goes a long way!

A good rule of thumb too, is that kids should have a designated space that’s all their own within the main area of the house. For some homes this means a designated playroom while others may just prefer a kids nook tucked away in the family living room, but no matter where it is, be prepared to go a bit ‘extra’ in the interior design of this space. Get your kids involved and let them pick out a few decor pieces that they love. Easily-changed wall art, colourful or themed cushions and bespoke storage or shelving for toys, books and treasures are all great ways to give your kids their own corner of the world where they can express their personality without sacrificing a carefully-designed look you’re looking for in your home. Finally, feel free to take (or let them take) this theme to the fullest extent possible in their own bedroom. A kid’s bedroom that goes all out in a style, colour or theme they love is the best way to give your kids a real sense of ownership of their space, which is fantastic for their happiness, self-esteem and confidence. For younger kids or those who may change their mind quickly or easily, consider staple furniture pieces like kids beds, kids dressers or chests of drawers, kids bookcases or shelving and kids room side tables in neutral shapes, styles and colours so that you can focus the decor, wall art, curtains, even rugs and bed clothes on their given colour or theme. That way, you can quickly change them out as they grow and their tastes change.

Parent-Approved Yet Fun Interior Design Kids Love

One of the best parts about designing your home with your kids in mind is that fun, comfortable furniture is making a big comeback! That means that no matter what overall style you’re going for, you can always find some fantastically beautiful, chic, modern, ‘adult-friendly’ furniture that satisfies both your and your kids’ needs for a beautiful yet functional, comfortable and relaxing home:

  • Consider a white furniture package with bright colours in other elements of decor to boost energy and creativity for both you and your kids. Or go opposite and choose your sofa, chairs and even dining room furniture in bold, co-ordinating colours and pair them with complementary minimalistic decor for a fun way to express your personality.
  • Geometric shapes are visually stimulating for kids while still being beautifully stylish for adults. Depending on the colour palette and complexity that you prefer, geometric wallpaper, curtains and tiles can give any room in your house a playfully sophisticated and ultra-polished look.
  • Round furniture is both modern and playful and is perfect for a home that is shared with kids (it’s also a great option for parents of small children who are nervous about sharp corners on tables, chairs, TV consoles and other living and dining room furniture).
  • Rugs are a fantastic way to express personality and your design style while still offering children a soft, comfortable place to play.
  • Overstuffed sofas and chairs are on-trend, a great place to relax at the end of a long day at work, and a perfect place to snuggle up with your kids for a family movie night at the weekend. Leather sofas and chairs are a great option for families as they are easy to clean, but if you prefer a fabric sofa, we suggest choosing one with washable covers without much texture as these will show less wear and tear even after plenty of use.
  • If your home has the table or counter space for them, you may want to consider incorporating bar stools into your interior design, as they can easily go from a quick family breakfast together to a casual nightcap alone once the kids have gone to bed.

Need more inspiration?

Not sure how to combine yours and your kids’ styles into one cohesive look? Looking for bespoke furniture that perfectly matches your space for style and functionality? Come and see the furniture and interior design experts at Mad About Furniture! We have decades of experience furnishing apartments, townhouses and villas across Spain and beyond so that they are the perfect mix of function and fashion for every member of the family, no matter what their age! We will happily build you a mood board to help you visualize every space in your home and will even take charge of measuring all your spaces too, so you don’t have to guess or go through lengthy trial and error attempts to get your home just perfect. Best yet, we offer both these measuring and interior design services completely free!

Just need some quality furniture that can withstand just about anything, including your kids? Mad About Furniture also offers a range of furniture packages with everything you need to quickly and easily move in so you can spend more family time together on our sunny coast. And, believe it or not, visiting our showroom in Estepona is a great family outing too! Come and browse our huge selection of furniture and home accessories and let the kids have their say in what they like (or don’t!), and even jump on the beds until you find the perfect fit for you and your home!

We can’t wait to meet everyone in your family and help your create the perfect family home in Spain!

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