The Best Night Sleep Starts With Quality Bedroom Furniture

by Mad About Furniture |11 May 2022 | Blog

Long Spanish nights don’t mean you have to miss out on a great night’s sleep! Summer nightlife on the Costa del Sol may mean that you choose to get a few less hours of sleep a night (not that we blame you in the slightest!) but that doesn’t mean you can’t make up for it with an incredible night’s sleep in a comfortable bed and quality bedroom furniture so you feel relaxed and refreshed no matter how many -or few, hours of sleep you get a night.

A great mattress that suits your sleeping style is of course a must when it comes to getting quality sleep, but as anyone who has ever stayed in a luxury hotel can tell you, it’s not just about the firmness of your mattress or fluffiness of your pillows that equates to a restful night. It’s also about your choice of bedroom furniture and bedroom decór that sets the tone for a night of relaxation so you can drift off easily in a space that makes you feel calm, comfortable, and at ease. And achieving it is easier than you might think.

As the centre piece of your bedroom, your first item of bedroom furniture should be your bed. A good rule of thumb here is to choose the largest bed size that your room allows for, which will give you plenty of comfortable space to stretch out and relax at night, but be careful not to dominate the room with just one piece of furniture, either. Keep in mind that your mattress size doesn’t account for the bed frame and headboard which can take up additional space and you’ll still need bedside tables, a chest of drawers, and possibly a wardrobe or dressing table in the same room too, so planning your use of space before buying your bed is always a good idea.

When it comes to choosing your bed style, opt for one that is similar in colour and style to the rest of your home. A perfect match isn’t necessarily required to still feel coordinated, but you will want to match your other bedroom furniture to your bed so whatever bed you choose, make sure you also like the coordinating bedroom furniture pieces that are designed to go with it, or invest in a professional interior designer to help you coordinate bedroom decor across ranges. (Don’t forget: Mad About Furniture offers free professional interior design services to all their customers so make sure you take advantage of that!)

Bedroom Furniture By Interior Design Style
Beach homes on the Costa del Sol can often have a clean, causal interior design complete with white furniture, furniture made from natural materials, and/or decor inspired with colours and patterns of the Mediterranean Sea. If this sounds like your home, consider a bed that continues this breezy feel with an open frame, low headboard, or bed made of light-coloured and slightly weather worn looking wood like this one. Pair it with soothing colours throughout the room and simple wall art to drift off to sleep with thoughts of laying on a warm sandy beach.

Country villas pair well with a rustic design and there are plenty of bedroom furniture options to suit this style. Heavier wood beds and headboards match this design well, just make sure not to overwhelm the room with too much bulk -opt for lighter flooring, minimal colours throughout the bedroom decor, and smaller bedside consoles to pull off a rustic bedroom that becomes a country sanctuary at night.

Modern homes have a lot of choice when it comes to creating a beautifully relaxing space at home. Bright and bold headboards are a great way to make your room pop and help you wake feeling energized and ready for the day; or go for a neutral bed and plenty of brightly-coloured decor (think bedclothes, wallpaper, wall art, even rugs) that make changing up your decor depending on the seasons (or your mood) exceptionally easy, all of which can make you feel more at home every time you come home. We love the bright blue colour of this bed that’s bold without being overpowering; and it’s got an ultra-plush headboard to go with it, too, proving modern bedroom decor doesn’t have to be cold and uncomfortable.

Art Deco is all the rage this year and is the perfect mix of old and new – not unlike Marbella. Get on top of this trend and make you feel like you’re going back in time every time you go to bed with a plush bed or headboard with plenty of curves. This blush bed is spot on for any art nouveau decor style and don’t let the colour put your off, either – pair it with pastels, flowers, and gold decor to create a romantic boudoir scene, or dress it down with glossy, jet-black side tables and steel dressing table for an industrial, old-meets-new look that’s tres chic.

Free Professional Interior Design Help
No matter what look you’re going for, your bedroom, like the rest of your home, should reflect your personality. Your bedroom furniture should match the look and feel of your chosen interior design style, but it doesn’t have to either, so finding the right balance is key to creating a unique yet coordinated home that you love. It can sound like a daunting task but in reality, it’s rather easy, especially if you have a clear vision in your mind or, better yet, a mood board designed by a professional interior designer.

At Mad About Furniture, we have in-house interior designers on-hand ready to help in any way you need, be it a full redesign of your bedroom (or your whole home!) or even just a simple second option. And we offer these services to all our customers at no charge whatsoever.

With decades of experience and countless interior design projects up and down the Costa del Sol and beyond under their belts, the professional interior designers at Mad About Furniture can help you create the perfect bedroom for you. Give us a call at +34 952 88 88 04, send an email to or drop into our showroom in Nueva Atalaya for a coffee and a chat to get started!

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