Wallpaper- A Never ending Trend

Wallpaper is not a new concept, in fact it is a very traditional idea and can be seen used throughout history in places varying from big beautiful palaces to everyday homes.

It is often considered more of a background then a foreground decorative art, but in reality its role in interiors is vital. It can change the mood and style of a space and influences the choice of other furnishings.

One of the most interesting things about wallpaper is that the designs rarely date or go out of trend. Look at William Morris, his wallpapers are as popular today as they were when he designed them in the 1800’s.

Although we have these rich and irreplaceable wallpaper collections from designers centuries ago, there is also a constant flow of modern and fresh patterns. The industry of wallpaper is incredibly vast and competitive and this is due to high demand. In recent years this is a result of the creation of ‘feature walls’. Feature walls allow us to be excessively creative on one wall within a room. It gives us colour, pattern, texture and scale leaving the rest of the room to follow its style but in a much more simplified way. It becomes the main aspect and supporting base of the space. There are so many fun ways in which to give a space that last finishing touch, take a study for example, you can get wallpaper that covers the wall in books, or even a kitchen, you could have wallpaper with cutlery. Simple ideas but they have huge impacts.

I once saw an article on ‘The Fifth Wall’ which is the new name for the ceiling within the design world. Most of the time when we ask a decorator to do a room we say “all four walls” and forget about the ceiling. A great use of this large canvas is to cover it with wallpaper and make it the feature wall with in the room. There are so many simple yet inspirational ideas out there but a few examples are; the night sky (this could be very realistic or may just be simple stars), give it a new material like wood panelling or metal and it is also very effective to use a striped wallpaper as it gives the illusions of a long or wide room.

We have an array of wallpaper samples here in Mad About Furniture that are elegant, quirky, textured and colourful. Let out your creative side out and come see if there is something that perfectly finishes the look you want in your home.


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