Where To Start When Furnishing A New Home

by Mad About Furniture |6 May 2019 | Blog

Moving home is exciting and thrilling, and if we’re being really honest it can also be a lot of hard work. This is true whether you are moving around the corner, kitting out an investment property and especially so if you’re upping sticks to move abroad. Just suppose that you’ve fallen head over heels with the luxury villas for sale in the beautiful “Emare” development in Estepona. Before you move in, you’ll need to plan how you’re you going to furnish it, whether you’ll be shipping over favourite pieces or starting with a blank canvas.

Survival Style
The Spanish climate can be sizzling hot, so to a certain extent you will need to consider which materials, styles and garden designs will survive the harsh climate. You may be drawn to festooned chintz curtains and sofas, and an abundance of delicate pansies in the garden, which may look great in the UK, but would they translate into your new Spanish home? Instead, visualise sun-warmed roof tiles, sun-drenched interiors and Mediterranean and desert plants, to get a picture of how your home could be styled. So where should you start?

Reuse Or Replace
If you have sold a property, you may already have good quality furniture that you would like to use, but you need to ask yourself if it will fit. Before you commit to the expense and effort of shipping furniture over, you should consider whether it will be a good fit. Your favourite sofas, dining chairs or even a coffee table can look out of place in a sun filled sitting room more suited to contemporary white living room furniture.

Make Life Easy For Yourself
There used to be an old adage, “the heavier the furniture, the better the quality”, but it would be more accurate to say, “the heavier the furniture, the harder it will be to move and rearrange”. Which begs the question, why bother to shoehorn large pieces of furniture into your new space, when you can choose more suitable items from a selection of stunning furniture sets, ranging from New England Style Furniture Packs to contemporary leather, glass and chrome, which could be delivered and installed immediately. Even down to unpacking your plates, pots and pans.

Speak To The Experts
Take advantage of the advice offered by the larger furniture suppliers. Their experts will have a keen eye and will know from experience which types of furniture packs suit which types of properties, and they can assist with layouts and interior design services.

Pick Up The Paint Brush
If you fancy putting your own stamp on your place, maybe adding wallpaper or a splash of colour to the walls, our advice is to pick up the paint brush immediately, otherwise it will never get done. When searching for your ideal furniture, the better furniture shops in Marbella also offer wallpaper and decorations alongside the home and garden furniture, and their staff will be happy to offer advice.

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