Why White Furniture Packs Are So Popular On The Costa del Sol

by Mad About Furniture |18 August 2020 | Blog

One of the biggest and most popular furniture trends for homes on the Costa del Sol is white furniture. No matter your style of home, size, inland or beachside, white furniture packs are here to stay. But why is that?

Bigger, Brighter Homes

Traditional homes along the coast were built to keep them cool from the warm, year-round weather (and exceptionally hot summers!). This often means smaller rooms with fewer windows. Picture a cool cave to escape the heat. But caves are also not the ideal living space for many as natural light and open spaces are what many living on the coast crave. The solution? Bright white furniture that makes your home feel bigger and brighter by reflecting whatever natural light you do have. In new developments and modern homes, this trend has continued to allow even spacious homes to look and feel bright and airy, a real luxury especially with our costal breezes and desire for outdoor living.

A Blank Canvas

White is a gorgeous blank canvas and a white furniture pack is a fantastic way to start creating an interior design that matches your personality to a T. By using a clean white design and adding accessories in a range of colours, patterns, and styles, you can easily create a complete look that you’ll love. And perhaps best yet, you can change that look anytime, quickly, easily, and cost-effectively!

White Furniture Packs from Mad About Furniture

We offer a fantastic array of white furniture and white furniture packs so that you can get started on furnishing your new home right away. Our white furniture packs include sofas, tables, beds, nightstands, TV unit, lamps, chairs, sideboards, terrace furniture and more, expertly co-ordinated by our interior designers so that you know they will keep the same look and feel throughout your home. Of course, we are also more than happy to mix and match any and all of our furniture pack pieces so that you get the exact look you’re going for. And, as with all our furniture, delivery and set up is completely free!


With home essentials in place, have some fun browsing our showroom for some accessories to give your home added excitement and personality! We have a range of rugs, lighting, wallpaper, artwork, mirrors, curtains, soft furnishings, and more to add character to any room of your house! Get in touch with our interior design team for a free custom design plan based on your home layout. Our experts will even measure and install curtains and wallpaper so you don’t have to worry about a thing!

Not Just White Furniture

We stock a range of furniture including all colours and styles, so if your home design needs something other than white furniture, we can provide that too! Custom pieces can also be sourced, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with your exact specifications – we are always happy to work with your needs, no matter what they are!

Pop in and see us at our furniture showroom in Atalaya Park in Estepona or arrange a Zoom call to speak to one of our friendly and experienced interior designers. Together we can transform your home in your haven.


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