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by Mad About Furniture |14 October 2021 | Blog

Spain, especially on the Costa del Sol, is blessed with a whopping 320 of sunny days a year (it is, in fact, the sunniest part of Spain and the 4th sunniest place in the entire world!). That being said, Spanish homes almost always come with window blinds to block it out. Why? The answer is, in fact, quite simple: with so much natural light nearly every day of the year, blinds can help keep your home cool in the heat of the summer and dark when taking that all-important mid-afternoon siesta. Makes sense of course, but who says you need window blinds to achieve either? Although perhaps the traditional choice in Spain, these days curtains can achieve the same results and offer a much more cohesive look to any interior design style you’ve chosen for your home, apartment or villa here in Marbella, Estepona, or elsewhere on the Costa del Sol.

Choosing Curtains For Their Purpose

Curtains come in just about every style to match any interior design, from traditional to the uber modern and everything in between, but colour, style, or pattern isn’t the only consideration you should discuss with your interior designer when picking the best curtain options for any room in your home. Functionality and your lifestyle should be considered first so that your curtain reflects not only your personality, but meets you and your family’s needs too.

In terms of functionality, the main consideration when choosing curtains for your windows is the location of your windows. Namely, which room they’re in and which direction they’re facing. South-facing windows that get maximum exposure to sunlight will benefit from heavy curtains that can be closed to block out sunlight when not desired and to keep the room cooler during the day. This also goes for bedrooms no matter which direction they face. Conversely, windows in the kitchen or bathroom benefit from lighter window coverings that allow our famous sea and mountain breezes to drift though the home. Home offices also benefit from lighter, brighter curtains as natural sunlight can help keep you more alert and productive.

Choosing Curtains For Style

There’s an entire plethora of curtain choices to accommodate any home interior design style, so we recommend always speaking with an interior designer before making a final decision, as there are often some incredible options that you may have never even considered before. In general though and as a great place to start your search for the perfect window coverings, you may want to keep these design tips in mind:

Curtain Sizing

It’s important to accurately measure your windows as well as their relationship to the walls in your house so that you can get a sense of what size curtains to order. Standard sized curtains do exist, but don’t be afraid to have your curtains made to measure either, to get the exact perfect fit for your home. Remember too, that whether ready-made or made to measure, curtains can be sized multiple different ways, depending on the effect you want them to have on your interior design: Smaller rooms can be made to feel larger with oversized curtains hung high on the wall to draw the eye upwards, for example, or you can make narrow windows appear larger with curtains hung wider than the window frame.

Curtain Colours and Patterns

There are an endless number of options when it comes to curtain colours and patterns. Your interior designer can help by offering choices, but ultimately (like all interior design choices) trust your gut and choose the curtains you’re most drawn to as these will best reflect your personality, which is what interior design is all about! Some design choices you may want to consider are precisely matching your curtains to your wall colour for a seamless look, add a dramatic patterned curtain to instantly make a traditional home look more modern, opt for curtains with plenty of texture to encourage a relaxed feel to the room, go brave with a bold print that leaves no question as to your design style and personality, pick a brightly-coloured curtain fabric to brighten up a dark room or simply add some extra energy to the space, go dramatic with dark or damask curtains, or add warmth and cosiness to a modern design with earth-tone colours and prints.

Don’t Forget to Consider the Rest of the Room

Finally, don’t forget that curtains aren’t the only element in the room that contributes to your overall interior design. While at least in theory, every room (or indeed every window) doesn’t have to be dressed the same, they should all be coordinated together so that the overall look and feel meets your needs and your personality. A great way to do this is through a mood board, which can help you visualise just how all the different colours, textures and designs of your furniture, decor pieces, curtains and other interior design elements coordinate. At our curtain shop in Nueva Atalaya, Estepona (Marbella), we offer free interior design services for all our customers as well as free measuring services so that you can be sure that your curtains -as well as everything else in your home, fit the size, shape, and layout of your home and your design style to a T. We even offer curtain hanging services too, so you can know that your curtains will always be perfectly sized, perfectly hung and perfectly suited to your home, apartment or villa.

Check out the Mad About Furniture website for just a small sampling of our curtain options or get in touch with our in-house professional interior design team to arrange a free consultation online or in our Estepona showroom to discuss your interior design needs and how we can help you achieve them with our wide range of indoor and outdoor furniture, home decor, home accessories, home furnishings and more.


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