Wintering In Marbella

by Mad About Furniture |9 September 2022 | Blog

We know it’s only autumn -and on the Costa del Sol, no less, but if you’re already thinking about how to make your Marbella home cosy for winter, you’re in good company.

Hearing the word “winter” might not evoke the same feeling of essential hibernation here in Spain as it would in other, more Northerly countries, but it is still certainly a time when we hunker down just a little more with an intrinsic urge to prepare our homes for the longer nights ahead. Here at Mad About Furniture, we wholeheartedly understand that urge -in fact, our in-house interior designers are already checking out interior design trends for winter 2022, and would like to share with you their thoughts and inspirations, so that you too can make your home winter ready with a gorgeously on-trend interior design style that’s also in-line with the distinctive Spanish lifestyle we all know and love and live.

Cosy, Not Confined

Open plan living areas are increasingly common, and with good reason: too much time in the too- recent past have we spent isolated and confined -it’s time to change all that. Yes, even in the winter. Give your home that breath of fresh air by minimizing clutter as much as you possibly can (furniture with built-in storage is perfect for this) but keep it cosy for winter by adding plush accessories like pillows, rugs, throws, and curtains throughout. If you have the space, now’s the perfect time to set up a cosy corner in your living room or home office too: invest in a ultra-soft rug just for that space, an oversized cuddle chair or some other indulgent seating you love, a small side table that can hold a good book and a glass of wine, and a well-coordinated lamp to get the lighting just right and you’ll quickly achieve that winter cosiness you’re after without sacrificing your whole home’s aesthetic for it.

Long-Term Comfort

Long gone are the days of fast fashion in our home’s interior design styles. Instead, today’s designs are all about long term, sustainable comfort: think classic furniture pieces that will last season after season and year after year. This is two-fold: one, you’re going to want a simple interior design that can be quickly and easily updated with a few accessory changes and without a lot of fuss, and two, invest in quality furniture that will physically last the test of time. To achieve this this winter, consider updating your home’s furniture to a coordinated furniture pack and layering on your unique winter style, whatever that may be, with added wall art, soft furnishings, and other home accessories.

Be Bold

A white furniture pack may set a beautiful stage, but don’t be afraid to go bold with colour too, even in winter, which can bring energy and warmth into your home during a season where these more naturally diminish (even in sunny Spain). Pantone’s colour of the year is a vibrant periwinkle blue with distinctive purple undertones (called “Very Peri”) and is a great bold colour option if you’re not sure where to start on your colour adventure. It also styles exceptionally well in spring and summer, making seasonal style transitions a breeze! Or, if you’re a lover of all things Christmas, why not start now with a bright, bold, and vibrant green colour palette? Perhaps an on-trend olive green wallpaper that makes a beautiful statement all year paired with Christmas greens this winter and neutral or jewel tones next spring and summer?

Winter Styling Help and Advice

When decorating your home for winter, always consider comfort over style -but that absolutely doesn’t mean you can’t have both! Our interior designers at Mad About Furniture have put some of their favourite furniture pieces and accessories for every room of the house online for you to browse and gather inspiration from (don’t forget to also look at our inspiration boards for this!) but also

come and visit us in person in our furniture showroom in Nueva Atalaya between Marbella and Estepona. Have a coffee on us and explore even more, while you test out some of your favourite sofas, chairs, beds, and more for that all-important quality of comfort, essential when styling your home for winter and beyond.

Don’t forget, too, that at Mad About Furniture, all our clients get completely free and completely bespoke interior design help from our professional, in-house interior designers who have been styling homes on the Costa del Sol and beyond for over twenty years! We can help you take on everything from a single room to your entire apartment or expansive villa and work with you to design and furnish it to meet your personality, lifestyle, and budget.

And, as always, if you find something you love -be it one piece or an entire collection, in-person or online, at Mad About Furniture we provide free delivery anywhere on the Costa del Sol. We can even set up your new furniture and home accessories, even if you’re not there -perfect for those wintering in Marbella and want a show home worthy home in Spain from the moment you arrive.

Give us a call or send us a message and tell us: what’s your ideal interior design style this winter?

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