What Should be included in a Spanish Furniture Package?

What should be included in a Spanish Furniture Package?

Mad About Furniture have been specialists in Full Home Packages or Furniture Packages for more than 15 years and in that time we have furnished more than 1400 complete homes in Spain and further afield!

Here a few of our top tips to help you know what should be included in a typical Furniture Pack!

Start with the Sofa!

White Sofa Furniture Spain

It’s the easiest decision but one of the most important!
Once the style and colour of the Sofa is agreed the rest of the process starts to flow easily.

Things to consider are if the home is to be rented or if it is to be furnished for personal taste. Heavy rentals put more pressure on Furniture so it's good to consider Leather or Imitation Leather which can be wiped clean of suntan cream and red wine!

The type of Sofa you choose will depend on the shape of the room, where the TV sockets are and of course, your amazing view as you sit and look out of the window!

For those with big families a Sofa Bed can be a great consideration. Sofa Beds have improved a lot over the years and you can now be assured a good night's sleep on a quality bed.

Mad About Furniture have a wide range of Sofas in stock and for immediate delivery. We also are suppliers of top quality Italian Leather Sofas which are made entirely for you so it's wise to allow up to 8 weeks for delivery.

The Beds!

The Beds are another easy but important decision to make when pulling together your perfect Furniture Pack.

Most 2 Bedroom apartments on the Costa del Sol comfortably fit a large King or Superking Bed in the Master Bedroom and two Single Beds in the second bedroom.

Remember that it's a home overseas or an alternative to a hotel so on holiday you really do need a nice quality bed to ensure a great night's sleep. Indeed, if you have a Superking Bed in your main home it is a great idea to have the same in your home overseas.

Beds in Spain do vary considerably but like all beds there is a link between price, comfort and quality. Mad About Furniture have a wide range of quality beds that are available from Stock.

Standard sizes are Single, Double, King and Superking and clients can choose different levels of comfort - other sizes can be ordered as quickly as 7 days!

For more flexibility we offer zip link beds which join two single beds to make a super king which gives the flexibility to dress the bedroom according to the needs of the current guests.

Other considerations to think about are Z Beds or Fold up beds to give more sleeping flexibility; Bunk Beds and Beds Under Beds are great options for large families.

Whatever you choose - we aim to ensure you have a great night's sleep!

The Theme!

Spanish Furniture Package Double Bed

Possibly the most important decision you make is the style or theme of your Spanish Furniture Pack.

As the whole home is likely to be furnished at one time there is a great opportunity to have a colour or style theme running through the home. This gives the home a stylish Interior Design concept and that special WOW factor!

One of the best selling themes on the Costa del Sol is our ' White Collections'

Our High Gloss White Furniture looks amazing and is fantastic for the sunny apartments and homes in Southern Spain.

Although we can offer different colours in High Gloss, we stock a large selection of White Furniture for immediate delivery.

As well as looking amazing it's a great Hard Wearing product that is likely to stay in fashion for a number of years. It is regularly mixed with Glass and indeed can be mixed with other themes as it is a very versatile collection.

On all themes a collection will typically include a Dining Table and Chairs, a TV Unit, a Coffee Table and Lamp Table and a Sideboard.

The collection will normally follow into the Bedrooms where the same Furniture will be available in Nightstands, a Chest of Drawers and maybe even a Headboard!

Although the 'White Collection' is a great option the same concept applies to any of our ranges. All our Furniture comes in Collections allowing you to pull your style or theme throughout the whole home.

Other examples and be Oak Furniture. This excellent quality wood is available in the traditional Oak colour or the darker colour 'Wenge'. Both styles are available for immediate delivery.

Another style is our 'New England' Collection which has a beautiful Grey effect and of course, looks great on the Costa del Sol.

Finally, for that special home we have a great range of Railway Sleeper Furniture. While you would probably not want to follow the theme through the whole home, this very special collection is great to include for signature Furniture Pieces such as the Dining Table and Sideboard.

A Complete Furniture Package allows you to design your home in one moment in time so everything can match and look beautiful and the process is simple and fast!
The Budget!

All Furniture Packages are designed individually and priced for the clients exact style and budget.

Every collection comes with a price point and we can work to an agreed budget.

In some cases the budget will determine the style and theme of the Furniture but in most cases the clients can have a wide choice of themes and our designers work to bring the Package together to the Budget that has been agreed.

The Fun Part - Finishing it off!

Once the Furniture is agreed, the final part is to make the house a home. A fair percentage of the budget should be assigned to this fun part of the process.

Our Designers are experts at helping with colour schemes, Decoration and Soft Furnishings to make the Furniture stand out and give your home that special WOW Factor.

Maybe starting with paint colours and an accent wall or perhaps with Wallpaper - we can make some simple and cost effective suggestions that give the home a head start and to bring some colour and design into the rooms.

Once your theme and colour scheme is agreed the next stage is typically to choose the Curtains.

As many homes in Southern Spain have shutters which can black out the sun it is often only necessary to decorate the windows with a Voile or maybe a Blind.

This is the opportunity to bring some hints of colour into the room, complementing the colour of your Sofa and your Furniture. For the White Collection the choice is ever wider as almost anything is possible with this versatile concept.

Once agreed it's then easy to match similar Fabrics for Cushions, Runners and Bedroom Throws to complement the theme and add the splash of colour from our wide range materials and made to measure soft Furnishings.

Decoration is a very personal decision but Mad About Furniture have a wide range of Pictures, Mirrors and Decorative pieces to complement the room.

Most of our Pictures are Hand Painted and complement the colours in our Standard Furniture Packs.

We have many items of decoration that are ever changing in store, from Vases to Statues and from Lamps to Candles - we have the decoration and Gift Items for every room in the home.

Furnishing a home for the first time is a daunting experience but following these simple tips and spending some time with one of our designers who offer free consultations make the task enjoyable and easy!

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