Sofa Beds

Best selection of sofa beds in Spain

A Sofa Bed is a great way to give more flexibility to a home and is perfect for those with a larger family!

Sofa Beds are an easy solution to add another bed to the home and of course it's a great option for those who are space conscious. It is also a much more attractive solution than a fold up bed.

Most Sofa Beds house a Mattress and Base of about 140cm which is close to a UK Double Bed. These days the Bed mechanisms are easy to pull out and put away and the level of comfort is much improved both as a sofa and also as a bed.

Our Sofa Beds are available in a range of Fabrics and a wide choice of colours and styles. At  Mad About Furniture we have a range of stock Sofa Beds in store for immediate delivery.

Sofa Beds are a great choice if you have a games room or maybe a larger bedroom that can home a Sofa. This gives an extra sleeping option for couples with small children and growing families.