General Election

With a General Election looming in the UK the Spanish Tourist Authority are predicting a drop in the number of tourists travelling to Spain which will affect all business here.   On the plus side it is such a short time before election day and the UK suffered a bad weather Easter many people are considering a foreign holiday this year after their experience of being ‘stay at home tourists’ last year which proved expensive.

It will be an interesting 2010 and Mad About Furniture are putting more emphasis on helping people while they are still in the UK with our brand new website which is being updated daily.

We are looking at giving clients a clearer more user friendly way of choosing from the wide range of furniture and garden furniture by highlighting our best packages and most popular lines.

Our old website had an array of products producing many solutions for every category.  We still have all these options available and choice is still very much important to us and to our clients but by simplifying what we do we can get the basics of the clients needs and then, delve into the detail on a one to one basis to find that perfect sofa!

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