Our Collections

Our Collections


Our beautiful Furniture Packages are carefully designed to fit every taste and budget.
We prefer to ‘un-package’ our Furniture for Villas because no Villa can be the same.



Instead our designers will create a collection for your new home that suits your story.
Every aspect of the Villa will be given individual attention and can incorporate some, all or a mixture of our fabulous Furniture Packages that we sell every day.

A Villa is such a personal purchase that many items will be bespoke and ordered exclusively for you.

Anything from a special size TV unit to a custom made bed to that centre piece chandelier - we know that a Villa can incorporate just one or maybe multiple themes and styles.
Our beautiful ‘white’ package could be extended to make a ‘white’ Villa.
Our fantastic Packages can be customised to extend into collections that are exclusive to you.



At your first consultation our designer will establish your preferred styles and budget and bring together a collection that is unique.

Together, we will design your new home, and it will have a personality as unique as yours.

We are Mad About helping you, so get in touch by phone or use our contact form and we will reply to your request by return email.